Saturday, March 26, 2011

The life and times of Willow

Hello everyone, Willow here! Avery gave me permission to write on the blog... but now I'm not exactly sure what to write. I guess I'll tell you all a little about myself, since I'm new to school this semester and all.

My name is Willow Holland, but I think you already know that. I used to live in Massachusetts, but a few months ago my grandfather passed away and we moved to be closer to the rest of the family, who happen to live right around Mondale Academy. Sometimes I really miss it back home, it was all I ever knew. I had to leave my friends, my school, and sometimes I wish I had never moved. However, I have to admit, Mondale is pretty nice.

I'm used to going to public school, so a private boarding academy was definitely a big change, as were the room mates. I share a room with three other girls: Sophia Hamilton, Haydren Insalanco, and Sydney Jacobs. Sophie is a total drama queen, Haydren is a major chatter box, and I really don't know what to think about Sydney yet. I don't know if she's just quiet, but she seems to be giving me the cold shoulder for some reason.

Another big adjustment was the work load! I'm taking harder classes now, and there's a lot more homework to do. My favorite class would be biology of course, that and Spanish. I like the subjects to being with, but the teachers are great. Ms. Lafferick is the science teacher, she's a little odd to be honest, but it keeps things interesting. Señor Gwisdala is the Spanish teacher, and he is very nice and upbeat, and has neat games to make learning easier.

I wanted to get involved in a as much as I could, so as soon as I enrolled I tried to join a few student organizations. I'm not exactly a sporty person and most of the school teams were already filled, so I looked into any clubs they had. I looked at drama, but I have stage fright so that wouldn't work out. I don't know to play an instrument, so jazz band was out of the question. Things were looking kind of dismal until I spotted a small poster on the news bulletin board. And just my luck, there's an environmental club! I love nature and gardening, as well as biology. I went to a meeting after school, and it's headed by Ms. Lafferick. It's not the most popular thing to be in with only a few students, but it's fun so far. We're doing a recycling project soon, maybe I'll post again about that?

Anyways, I've just gotten settled into school life. It feels good to finally be finding my niche. I just hope it will last.

-Willow D. Holland


  1. Awesome!Nice to meet you Willow!

  2. Glad to see you posting and hope to see more of you again .. I am happy that you found somewhere that you feell like you are fitting in and having fun .. keep us updated ..


  3. COOL! I hope you like it at your new school/town/life! :D



  4. Glad your liking school, Willow! Your curls are beautiful :)

  5. Your hair is beautiful, Willow :) I'm glad you like school!

  6. Please update this blog. I don't usually comment but I still LOVE to read it.

  7. You certainly are pretty, Willow! I hope you get adjusted to your new life without too much stress.

  8. It's great that you already found a place where you are feeling at home.

  9. When are you going to update? Your blog is awesome and you take such pretty pictures and have such pretty dolls! Please visit my blog if you have time,! :)

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  15. Just found your blog and I must say that I love it! I have 2 American Girl dolls of my own, Josefina and Samantha. I just love these dolls to death and the books made up my childhood. Hope to read more...

    With Love,

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  17. VEry Cute Story! & Willow is adorable!



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