Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here We Go Again

It seems like these posts are almost routine now. By this time you get the drill, this is the usual post that says "So sorry I haven't posted very much I'm just so busy!" And that's exactly the case. College classes suck up a lot of your time, not to mention extra curricular activities, friends/family, etc.

So in a way I'm sorry, but in another way I'm not because school comes first and posting on this blog isn't necessary. :(

Anyways, I haven't been able to spend much time with the dolls lately. I'm busy, but I feel myself drifting away from them, like how I drifted away in 2007. A part of me wants to get Lanie and some Felicity things, but a part of me is screaming "NO! You're just going to grow out of it soon so why even bother?!" That's the thing with AG. It's turned me into a consumer-machine, always wanting more and more. It's saddening to think about.

Anyways, apologies for being non-existent. :(
Included is a (semi) recent picture of Ivy to make this post somewhat relevant. I know these posts are nonsense and everyone hates reading them, sorry for that too.


  1. The posts are sort of into a routine. But don't worry about it! My posts are way more boring. :).

  2. I don't hate reading them.

    For one, they're always augmented with a dose of your gorgeous photography.

    For another, I can understand life-- it's not perfect by any stretch of the word. But those flaws are the things that make life worth living.

    Jeez, I sound like a quote from a sappy love story. But I meant what I said about understanding your situation <3


  3. You do realize that you don't have to give up your dolls just because you are in college? Sure I don't do as much with the dolls when I'm focused on school, but I still love them. Thanks to that college tuition, I can't order much from AG either, but I still find ways to enjoy my collection. :) Take this time to enjoy what you have, Brooke. Don't let AG "coerce" you into ordering all of the time. If you'd like something new, maybe ask for something around the holidays. ;)


  4. It's okay.You shouldn't not get Lanie because you think it's a waste.If you do drift away for a year or so then when you grow back into them you're going to regret not getting her.I have her and she's beautiful.Honestly if you get her then you are going to memories with her.I know what it's like to grow out of american girl.The worst part is that it took Felicity's retirement to actually get me back into american girl.


  5. I do not hate reading your blog; It's one I check often, to see if you've posted anything new. They always seem down to earth and I love your photos!

    I can't help you with feeling about dolls, that's for you to decide, yourself, what to do.


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