Sunday, May 31, 2009


Rebecca has officially been released! In my opinion, I think she is very pretty, and I love all of her outfits and accessories! My favorite is the movie dress, especially the hat! Maybe, just maybe, Rebecca might come to Mondale. :)

So how does everyone like her? Do you plan on getting her or any of her things?


Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm back!

Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever. Brooke's been messing around with camera things, figuring out audio, etc. for ADD. She finally figured out how to get audio recorded and uploaded, yay! So, I'm hoping that the next episode will be done by the middle of next week. Brooke is going out of town tomorrow, so I won't be posting or working on ADD.
Sorry for the short post. It's a busy, stressful time of year! I do have a few "surprises" up my sleeve. ;)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yesssss! ADD is on its way!

I have fully cast the whole movie (as I know so far)

Ellen "Ella" Xavier- Marisol Luna
Matilda "Mattie" Cook- Sonali Matthews
Casey Quaine (bully)- Julia Albright
Callie Owens (bully)- Erin Yeager
Ms. Bernadette (Teacher)- Olivia Parkington
Mrs. Xavier (Ella's Mom)- Gia Giovanni
Narrator- Nellie O' Malley
Director- Avery-Marie Voisin
Producer- "Brooke D."

This is subject to change, as I figure out more parts, etc. And there will be lots of minor, extra, roles just to fill in, that I don't have cast yet.

AND YES!!!!! Brooke figured out how to get audio with her camera, so we've hit the ground running, and are filming the first scene :) Brooke is also in the process of recording a musical intro. We don't have many songs on the computer, so she's thinking about doing it herself on piano.
I'm thinking the first scene will be done by tomorrow evening!

UPDATE: Scratch that. Brooke got one short, tester clip of audio, but now the rest won't work...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ADD poster and info

Brooke edited a photo from the trailerA Dancer's Decision (Now known as ADD), to make a movie poster! :) *Sitara's idea from MLWB* Brooke's really getting into all this editing software stuff. I think it turned out really good. I think it might have a little too much text though, for such a small picture. What would you rate it, on a 1-5 (1 the worst, 5 the best)? If you look on the bottom is says "Starring....Directed by A. Voisin" That's me! I'm on a poster, I feel so special!
The first "episode" of ADD won't be out for a while. It is tremendously hard to make a stop animation (it takes SOOOO many pictures for just a few seconds of film) and Brooke and I are still working on the audio. She's not quite sure if she should record the lines something or just type it out in captions. What do you think? We may just have to type it if you can't figure out how to record separate audio though. Well, before all the audio stuff, I think it would be good to start with a script! :P I think we're getting a little too far ahead. I'm in the process of writing some of the script, here's a section from the first planned episode. *It starts out like the little preview I posted yesterday*

Setting: small classroom

Narrator *from off stage*: Ella Xavier, preforming a solo le pointe!" calls out the announcer. Ella flounces her red velvet tutu once more, then heads onto the stage. The crowd cheers, and she can't help but smiling. The music starts, and envelopes her into a deep concentration. Ella-

Teacher, Ms. Bernadette: Ella, the capitol of Vermont please?

Ella: Oh, me? Ummmm, uhhhh...

Ms. Bernadette: Ms. Xavier, I don't have time for your nonsense day dreaming right now. We have a lot of work to get done!

Ella: Yes, Ms. Bernadette. And by the way, it's Montpelier!
*Bell Rings*

Ms. Bernadette: Ella, can I see you please?

Ella: Sure!
*walks over to the teacher*

Ms. Bernadette: I've noticed that you've been slacking off a lately, and not paying attention in class. Any particular reason?

Ella: No ma'am.

Narrator *from off stage*: But there was. Ella's passion was for dance, but no one believes in her, and everything stands in her way. She can't help but thinking about dance 24/7! She wants to glide across the stage, but her mother doesn't want her to, and if any of the popular girls heard, she'd be their next target.
What will Ella do?

So what'd you think? I'm not the best writer, but, if I say so myself, it sounds pretty good for amateur. Brooke will have to read it later, she's the theatre geek. I hope she likes it!

It is so much work making ADD! You have to write the script, cast the characters, take the photos, edit, etc. Before the first episode, I'm thinking that we should make a 'Behind the Scenes' video, which shows the auditions, some "bloopers", etc. In a way I wish I was actually in the film, but I don't have a very good memory for reciting lines and I'm a klutz and tend to look awkward on stage!


Monday, May 25, 2009

A Dancer's Decision, Trailer!

Yep, that's right! Brooke was inspired by Sitara from Mari Luna's Wonderful Blog, to do a stop motion series! (I hope this is OK Sitara, we didn't copy any other ideas, etc.) Brooke decided that I could be the director! Yay! Brooke is doing all the editing and photography, but I will be the technical director. Here's a small overview of the movie.

"Ella Xavier, preforming a solo le pointe!" calls out the announcer. Ella flounces her red velvet tutu once more, then heads onto the stage. The crowd cheers, and she can't help but smiling. The music starts, and envelopes her into a deep concentration. Ella-"

"Ella, the capitol of Vermont please?"

I guess the daydream's over.

Meet Ella Xavier. Her passion is to dance, but no one believes that she can succeed, and all odds are against her. Her mother doesn't want her to dance, Mrs. Xavier never did like "stage people". But Ella can't resist. She asks Maddy Cook, an elite dancer in school, to teach her how to dance. Ella practices in secret, and her true talent shines through. But the secret gets out, and when the popular clique gets word that she's a dancer now, they reticule her to no end. When Maddy's big ballet recital comes up, she asks if Ella can be in it as well. Ella doesn't know what she should do, follow her dreams and dance on stage against her mother's wishes, or forget it so her mother is happy and she isn't teased?"
What do you think? Would you watch this?
I've already cast some parts...
Marisol Luna as Ella Xavier
Gianna Giovanni as Mrs. Xavier
Sonali Matthews as Maddy Cook
Nellie O'Malley as Casey Quaine (a popular girl who teases Ella)
Erin Yeager as Callie Owens (a popular girl who teases Ella)

What other characters could there be?
Enjoy the trailer! I hope it shows up right, Brooke spent a lot of time on it tonight.

~Avery~ The DIRECTOR! *woo hoo!*

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial Day! I hope everyone has a great day! Ivy and I dressed up in red, white, and blue. Then we went to a parade! We had a great time. I really appreciate the soldiers who fought and died for the right to be free in the USA!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lonely :-(

Ivy's been busy with gymnastics lately. She's had almost 5 tournaments in the last few weeks, and when she's not competing, she's at the gym practicing. But I have to say, she is REALLY good! I don't see how it is even possible to all the stuff, like back flips, the splits, etc. I'm not too flexible though :P

Well with Ivy busy all the time, I've been kind of lonely. Plus, it doesn't help that everyone else is with Marisol, so there really isn't anyone to do anything with. Just the other day I tried talking to one of my room mates, Dakota, and asked her if she wanted to study with me. Her response was "Oh, sorry, but I'm going to see Marisol!" I haven't talked to Marisol at all yet. I think basically everyone else has. I hope she doesn't take it the wrong way. I hate to admit it, but I guess I'm a little jealous of her, since everyone is paying attention to her right now.
Anyways, the end of the school year is approaching already, and graduation is in 2 weeks. I can't believe school's almost over! The teachers have been doing a last-chance pounding with homework, so that has been keeping me occupied a bit.
I want Rascal so bad! Then I could play with him, and not be so lonely.
Doesn't this cat look like him? Awwwww...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Uhhhhhh! The "surprise" came.

Uhhhhh, one of the "surprises" got here on Saturday.

Guess what it is?

Marisol Stinking Luna! Can you believe that? Brooke, and all the other dolls for that matter, are practically drooling over her. Sure, she is very pretty (and has a super cute outfit!), and seems nice enough, but so?!?!? She's just another doll. Alas, I've been replaced again. :'( It happens every time there's a new doll. And since I was the first doll, it has happened to me so many times! Here's how it goes... The new doll gets her, everyone loves her, everyone wants to be her best friend and get to know her. After about a month, the "newness" dies down, and everything goes back to normal, and people finally remember Avery.
It seems like Marisol is settling in OK though. I know that all the GOTY's here (Jess, Nicki, Mia, and Sonali), and the "other" Marisol, now named Gia, are constantly around her. It must be scary coming to live some place new, although I really wish she would go back to where she came from. That sounds pretty mean, doesn't it... I remember I thought that about Ivy before we became friends. Maybe Marisol and I can get to be friends...

Friday, May 15, 2009

I've been so busy, sorry for not posting!

I've been so busy, sorry for not posting anything in a few days! (:

So, nothing has really been happening around here. It has been raining a lot. On Wednesday it POURED! I went to a soccer game and track meet, and it was raining the whole time. I got soaked (not really, that would be bad for me!) Brooke is pretty busy with a bunch of end of the semester school things, and she was out of town today and will be Sunday, so I haven't had much time on the computer.

But, today Brooke ordered my glasses! I'm getting the tortoise shell ones like my friends Anna Lee and Rose (Rose, I totally forgot you wore glasses! :D). I can't wait to get them and see what I look like! Also, Brooke ordered "2 surprises". I wonder what those could be...? I'm hoping they're outfits for me, or my kitty Rascal!

Sorry for the short, boring posts! Brooke will be taking some pictures tomorrow *hopefully*


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I need glasses!

I need glasses now! Something happened to my eye, and its not quite right yet, so Brooke has decided to get me some glasses. I might not get them for a while though. I don't think I really need them that much, its just that my eye isn't like it used to be, and I think it bugs Brooke. Maybe she thinks that by getting me glasses it won't be as noticealbe? I don't know...
Anyways, I'm trying to decide which pair to get! I love my friends Haley and Anna Lee's glasses, but I don't think I will look very good in them! :P I'm deciding between the toirtoise shell/rectangle glasses and the blue glasses.

And shhhhh, I'm going to let you in on a secret! Brooke says that a new friend might be coming soon... I wonder...

Sorry for the short posts! Brooke has a lot of things going on right now (school, sports, etc.).


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Group picture and an update on my "condition"

A group picture of all the dolls here. Yeah, theres a lot!

It is so long I can't even post it on blogger or half of us would get chopped out of the picture! :P
I'm the 5th from the left.

My cheek and eye are better! Brooke tried a few things suggested on "the boards" (AGPT and AGFMB) and they worked! She used a hair dryer to heat up my vinyl and kind of pop the dent? or something along those lines. It is still there, but not as noticeable as before, and it is pretty small. My eye was harder to fix. She used some canned air, thinking something might have gotten stuck, and it worked a little bit. Then she used a suggestion from AGPT and kind of poked around inside my eye (ouch!) and got it re-aligned. I'm basically all better now! :) I'm surprised I was fixed that easily.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Uh oh...

Brooke got mad. I'm not sure why (something with her butt of a family yelling at her for everything wrong in their pathetic lives when it isn't even her fault). Well, she didn't really get mad right in front of them. So she went into her room (where the dolls are, including me). She was fuming, I swear smoke was coming out of her ears. So she started crying (no one was inside to hear her rampage) and then, she threw me. My cheek has a small dent now, since I was thrown face first, and one of my eyes isn't working too well.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A bunch of random topics

I'm so bored! Grrrrr! There is nothing to do. What do you guys do when you're bored? At least it's Friday, and I have a few days off before school starts again.

By the way, I found a full body photo of the REAL Rebecca doll. I'm not aloud to post it for legal reasons though, I don't want AG to sue me! So please don't ask me to post it! The 1st photo was a public email that AG sent out, this picture is leaked, and I have a feeling AG doesn't want it floating around the internet. Better safe than sorry, as people always say.

I am surprised at Brooke! She has all these plans to get Marisol(ANOTHER one!), #11, Chrissa, Rebecca and Gwen. Plus a bunch more dolls, but those are the top 5. I can't believe she wants more dolls! We already have a Marisol, but she was cheap and not in good condition, and didn't come with her outfit. Brooke tried to "downy dunk" her, and re-curl her hair, but it didn't work. She just straightened her hair after that. The Marisol auction she's watching has my kitty in it though, so in a way, I hope she wins. It has just an hour or two til it ends. It is getting pretty expensive though :'(

Update: The Marisol auction is over, and we lost :'( Rascal is gone, going to another home.

Sorry for the short, random post...


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My signature (woo hoo, Brooke figured out how to work the scanner!)

I've been wanting to post my signature for a while now, so Brooke finally got around to learning how to use the scanner, yay! It's kind of sloppy (especially the heart!), and I hate my "legal", "full" name, Avery-Marie, but that's what a signed it. Now that we're on the subject of names, I'll tell you guys about my name.
According to a few sites, Avery is an Anglo-Saxon, English/Old French name. It means "Ruler of the elves", or "elf counsel" haha! Avery is also a small crater on the moon, which I found quite interesting. Marie (pronounced Ma-ree not Mary) means "sea of bitterness" or just "bitter", and is French. I was named after Marie Antoinette, queen of France. My mother wanted the first part of my name to Avery, but my father didn't like it :P But it ends up she won, and I'm glad! I don't particularly care for the name Marie (no offense to any Marie's, I just don't think it suits me). My first name is hyphenated, like most French names. See this paragraph:
Hyphenated names are very popular in France. They are usually composed of two names from the same gender; i.e., Jean-Pierre, Paul-Henri, Anne-Laure, or Marie-Élise. Less commonly, they are composed of one boy name and one girl name, with the "correct" gender name first, as in Jean-Marie for a boy or Marie-Jacques for a girl. Note that hyphenated names are considered a single unit - together, they are the person's first name, not a first and a middle.
My middle name is Victoire, the French form of Victoria. It means "victory". I believe I was named after Queen Victoria from England (my grandfather *on Mom's side* was from England, which is also why I have a more English name, Avery.)
My last name is Voisin. It is a french surname which means "neighbor".
Well, that was kind of fun :) I was bored, and it was cool to learn about my name.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pauvre Brooke, mais Ivy et je suis des amis de nouveau, plus spoiler doll!

*The title means poor Brooke, but Ivy and I are friends again in French. I think you can read spoiler doll, I hope...*
Poor Brooke, it is a sad day. She's a bit depressed (not really, but very sad). She lost some money out of purse, and now comes home to this: the lot on eBay that she's been watching (that includes my kitty!) is getting expensive, almost too expensive for her, and it still has 3 days left! That is plenty of time for the price to go way higher than Brooke could ever afford. I'm not sure quite why she wants that particular lot on eBay though. You know why? It includes MARISOL, and a bunch of her outfits. Oh gosh, not another one (no offence to any other Marisol's, its just the one here has developed a slightly ditsy, know-it-all personality). I'm getting tired of new sisters, even though Brooke still wants a ton of dolls (yeah, they probably weigh a ton all together*just kidding!*).

Well now that my little rant is done, time for the big news,

We now have kind of a name, "Ave and Ive". I think it's kind of stupid, but that's what people have been calling us lately, especially Brooke :P
It was pretty funny, because we both came up to each other, and wanted to apologize at the same time! I'm glad we're friends again, I couldn't have gone much longer without talking to her. I know Ivy's Chinese, not Japanese, but she made an origami crane, just our size. She says it "symbolizes our friendship". I'm not all for the sappy stuff, but I really like it, and I think it's sweet of her to make it for me. I watched her fold the paper, and wow! It looks really complicated! The picture I have isn't the greatest, sorry.

REBECCA! I love her hat! I'm glad another doll has hazel eyes, Mia and #21 are feeling a little lonely. Isn't she pretty?

And a little note:
Happy Cinco De Mayo to any Mexican friends (or any friends at all, really!) For those of you who don't know what Cinco De Mayo is, google it! Just kidding, I believe it is the Mexican independence day, put I'm not positive.
Edited to Add-It is to celebrate when the Mexican defeated the French! :)
A-ra-ra-ra-cha! A-ra-ra-ra-cha! Da-da-da-da-da-da-da!
LOL, I hope someone recognizes that...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here kitty, kitty, kitty, and update on 'the fight', and Stop the Bullying day!

*see bottom of post*
It's official. I WANT A CAT! I've found the perfect little guy, his name is Rascal. I love him to pieces! He is adorable, isn't he? Technically he isn't mine, yet. I hope Brooke will let me get him... I know I'd take good care of him! I need a partner in crime-*cough cough* I mean a loving feline companion. :P
I want Rascal so bad. Brooke says the "He is Marisol's cat, not yours," but I don't believe her. This is my kitty-to-be, trust me on this! Gosh... just because Marisol is new, and a fancy, retired GOTY doll, doesn't mean that she is the automatic owner of my cat.

Anyways, an update on the fight between Ivy and I.
Sadly, we're still not talking. I haven't seen or heard from her since Friday. To tell you the truth, I've kind of been avoiding her. I've tried not to go anywhere I think she would be. But I can't avoid her forever... I think I'm going to apologize tomorrow at school. I hope she isn't too mad at me, this was such a stupid fight! For some reason I think I'm saying "I" a lot in the last few sentences.

I've read a few posts on other blogs about "Stop The Bullying" day. Bullying isn't a huge problem at Mondale. I think the worst it has gotten is a clique with a few "popular" girls making fun of Historical doll's clothes. I've never had a personal experience with bullying, except once a long time ago someone made fun of my slight French accent. I know bullying is a huge problem at some schools though. I'm glad nothing like that has happened at my school, at least I don't think there has been any bullying problems.

Well, it is late (9:21 already?!?!) and I have school tomorrow, so I must sign off the computer.

But before I go, I would like to fully, publically congratulate Rose from htpp:// on 100 (well 99) posts! :) You're a blogging machine!

and her *future* cat, яαѕ¢αℓ

*credit to debbay77, the ebay seller of this pretty kitty!*

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion, photos, and fights...

Hi everybody, Avery here! (my blog namesake!) So how is everyone? I'm pretty good, I'm super excited, but sad (you'll read why in a minute). It's the weekend, woo hoo! I don't have any homework, I am so happy! Today our full 7th grade class went to a wind turbine 'farm'. It is where the set up huge wind mill things to generate electricity. It was pretty fun. We were touring the area, and I went on the 'grass'. I got yelled at, turns out that soft, long, green grass was really a wheat field! Oops, sorry baby wheat! I had a good time, but it was 4 hours on the bus. (4 hours there and back)

Which brings me to my next topic... IVY. I sat with her on the bus, since she is my closest friend right now. We were working on some math homework together. It was a pretty tough question (multiplying binomials, finding slant height, area, and volume of a cone, and then solving for x) and we both got totally different answers. We kept trying to explain what we did and proove we were right. It got out of hand, and finally we went and asked our teacher. He got the same answer Ivy did, and I was wrong. I was so sorry, since I had fought with Ivy and thought I was right, and told her that she was wrong over and over again. We sat back down and I was just about to apologize when Ivy said, "You know what, Avery? You can be SO STUPID sometimes!!! That had to be the easiest problem ever, and you got it wrong. How hard is it, I mean DUH!". Then I got even more mad at her, and yelled back "Ivy, you're such a jerk!" and I hit her with my math book (yeah...about that....) She got pretty ticked and went and sat with Julie Albright, one of her other best friends. It was such a petty fight, and now Ivy and I aren't talking! :(

I hope we can make up soon.

Brooke has her camera now, yipee!(it was broken for a few days). After AG photo deprivation, Brooke had a photo shoot today with me! I got to wear a new outfit, Sonali's tank top, flats, and the leggings from the Star Hoody outfit. Plus a really pretty blue clip (you can't see it in the photos. It's from Mexico, Brooke's had it forever, but just found it in her mass of junk). Brooke also played around with the 'foto flexer' program at She put one picture in the 'poster format'. I think it turned out really good!

sorry for the devil-ish gleam in one eye... :P

Talk to you later,