Monday, May 25, 2009

A Dancer's Decision, Trailer!

Yep, that's right! Brooke was inspired by Sitara from Mari Luna's Wonderful Blog, to do a stop motion series! (I hope this is OK Sitara, we didn't copy any other ideas, etc.) Brooke decided that I could be the director! Yay! Brooke is doing all the editing and photography, but I will be the technical director. Here's a small overview of the movie.

"Ella Xavier, preforming a solo le pointe!" calls out the announcer. Ella flounces her red velvet tutu once more, then heads onto the stage. The crowd cheers, and she can't help but smiling. The music starts, and envelopes her into a deep concentration. Ella-"

"Ella, the capitol of Vermont please?"

I guess the daydream's over.

Meet Ella Xavier. Her passion is to dance, but no one believes that she can succeed, and all odds are against her. Her mother doesn't want her to dance, Mrs. Xavier never did like "stage people". But Ella can't resist. She asks Maddy Cook, an elite dancer in school, to teach her how to dance. Ella practices in secret, and her true talent shines through. But the secret gets out, and when the popular clique gets word that she's a dancer now, they reticule her to no end. When Maddy's big ballet recital comes up, she asks if Ella can be in it as well. Ella doesn't know what she should do, follow her dreams and dance on stage against her mother's wishes, or forget it so her mother is happy and she isn't teased?"
What do you think? Would you watch this?
I've already cast some parts...
Marisol Luna as Ella Xavier
Gianna Giovanni as Mrs. Xavier
Sonali Matthews as Maddy Cook
Nellie O'Malley as Casey Quaine (a popular girl who teases Ella)
Erin Yeager as Callie Owens (a popular girl who teases Ella)

What other characters could there be?
Enjoy the trailer! I hope it shows up right, Brooke spent a lot of time on it tonight.

~Avery~ The DIRECTOR! *woo hoo!*


  1. Interesting project, Avery! Although I always pictured you to be *in front* of the camera, lol. Tee hee... Anyway, good luck with it!

    Maybe you need a ballet teacher, too, someone to teach the class... And who's actually 'writing' the story, heh?

    More later. Got an update to do!


  2. There needs to be a Girl who trys to help with the bullieing thing,
    I think her name could be:
    #1.Justine Alek
    #2.Isabelle Mourn
    Please take my Idea into consideration

  3. Wow, that sounds pretty good! I'd definitely watch that. =)


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