Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years everyone! I am headed off to AGPC in the morning, so I won't be posting for a few days.
Right now I am in my PJs(New from a Cabbage Patch Kid Doll, shown in the picture) and cuddled on the couch waiting for midnight! We will watch the ball drop, then go online to see Chrissa, Gwen, and Sonali. Then we will wake up at 4:00 in the morning (!!!!! way too early for me!) and be at the train station by 4:45. Then we will have a half hour til the train comes, then off to Chicago! Here is out schedule...
JANUARY 1st 2009
-get on train at 5:15, get into Chicago about noon-2 o clock
-go to hotel and check in
-water tower place
-head to AGPC(yay!) and get #26, #31, Gwen, Sonali, OR Chrissa(not all of them!)
-look at the lights, ect. at night
-go back to hotel, go swimming
-go to bed
JANUARY 2nd 2009
-Field museum
-Institute of Art
-Magnificent Mile
-Sears Tower*
-John Hanncock*
-swim again!
-bed time
(* means we will at least try to get some good pictures and see these building, but maybe not go in them)
JANUARY 3rd 2009
-do whatever
-get on train at 3:00 pm
-get home about 9-10 pm
That is just roughly what we're doing, but I'm so excited!!!
Happy New Year! I wish everyone a great 2009!
PS-while I'm gone, check out the great blog's on my sidebar, Violet's blog, Sophie's blog, and Haley's blog!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Fancy Chicago Outfit

My mom fitted me today for my last outfit I will be wearing in Chicago.Je pense que je semble gentil, mais je ne sois pas sûr si c'est mon modèle, which means I think I look nice, but I'm not sure if it is my style. What do you think?
Here is what I am wearing:

-Home sewn white cover up

-Pink Tank Top from the Skateboard Outfit

-Home sew black and white polka dot skirt

-Ivy's New Years outfit shoes

-Purse from Ruthie's accessories

-Pink mini hair clip from dollar store :P(not shown)

Jess's new 'do

Hi everybody, Avery here! I did Jess's hair today, and picked out a new "weather appropriate" outfit for her.

This is her outfit

-Pink Tank Top from Nicki's Tie Top and Shorts Outfit (retired '07)

-White Cardigan from Emily's accessories

-Jeans from the Sparkly Tunic and Jeans outfit

-Shoes from the skateboard outfit(can't see these in the pictures, so here they are from the AG website

-Toshi from Jess's accessories

Notice how I coordinated Toshi with the green on the shoes =)

Here is how I did her hair:

I parted her hair and gave her pig tails. Then after I tied the pig tails I took the pig tails and tied them together too! Its hard to explain so I put in a picture.

Jess says that she really likes it here and that Ivy and I are her closest friends here right now.

My favorite book series!

TWILIGHT! I am finally allowed to read it, and I can't put it down! I love this book, it is magnifique, magnificent. My favorite character is Alice, she is awesome!

Jess Akiko McConnell

Our owner got Jess on Ebay a while ago, and she just came in the mail today, hmmm looks like the 3 of us may be going to AGPC! =P Probably not though.

Jess is really pretty and she has the same shaped eyes as Ivy, and my owner said thats because they're both Asian. I think they're eyes are pretty. I also re-braided Jess's hair for her, she has the silkiest prettiest hair! My owner says that she has a "thin wig" but I like her hair better than my own!

Jess came with her accessories too, and I really like her monkey Toshi.

Monday, December 29, 2008

American Girl Place Chicago!

Me and my friend Ivy are going to AGPC(American Girl Place Chicago) on New Years Day for the launch of Gwen, Chrissa, and Sonali. Ivy and I are hoping that someone will come home with us. We know that it probably won't happen, but dolls can dream too you know! One new doll should be coming home though, and all of the sisters here are excited for the new girl! Ivy and I will take a lot of pictures.

We are taking the train for 6 hours to get to Chicago. Then we will go to AGPC, The Field Museum, The Magnificent Mile, and Ivy is really set on going to China Town! Ivy and I just finished packing, and we can't wait to get there! =)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! I am Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah, but lots of my sisters celebrate Christmas, we exchange present, and I go to their church with them too, so I guess you could say I celebrate Christmas. Well its almost New Years now! And do you know what New Years means? It means the arrival of GWEN, SONALI, AND CHRISSA!!!!!!!(you can see these doll's pictures at AGPT, all credit to the person who owns the pictures!) My human will be ordering them, and I can't wait to see their collections. My sister Ivy Ling celebrates Chinese New Year, so I am excited to see what it is like. I'm also pretty sad right now because at my house we had 2 feet of snow! It was so fun to play in and go sledding! But then it got up to 50 degrees(F) and it rained really hard and almost all day long. Then all the snow got all slushy and nasty. Then it was warm the next day and rained some more and now there is no snow left! I can see the grass all over. ='(

Left to Right:Gwen, Chrissa, and Sonali>>>
all credit to AGPT

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Bonjour everyone. My name is Avery, and I am an American Girl Just Like You Doll, #25.

I am from France, but now live in Michigan, USA with my owner. I have lots of sisters that live with me, and they may post on the blog every once in a while too! These are my sisters:

-Kit Kittredge

-Emily Bennett

-Nicki Fleming

-Mia St. Clair

-Ruthie Smithens

-Julie Albright

-Ivy Ling

-Sam Parkington

-Nellie O' Malley

-Jess McConnell

-Marisol Luna

This is my first post of many more to come!