Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Fancy Chicago Outfit

My mom fitted me today for my last outfit I will be wearing in Chicago.Je pense que je semble gentil, mais je ne sois pas sûr si c'est mon modèle, which means I think I look nice, but I'm not sure if it is my style. What do you think?
Here is what I am wearing:

-Home sewn white cover up

-Pink Tank Top from the Skateboard Outfit

-Home sew black and white polka dot skirt

-Ivy's New Years outfit shoes

-Purse from Ruthie's accessories

-Pink mini hair clip from dollar store :P(not shown)


  1. I actually like that outfit! It looks like something my classmate Bridget might wear. Take lots of pictures in Chicago, OK?? And tell us all about it. Have fun!

  2. Thanks! I'll take lots of pictures for everyone. Is there anything you would especially want to see there that I could get pictures of?

  3. Tu regardes mignonne! :)

    (Laura's note: Sophie's been French since I got her in 2006, too. And don't feel bad about not knowing too much French, I've taken five years, and I'm nowhere near being fluent. And then I decided to take Italian in college...so now I can speak a weird combination of French and Italian, lol. I envy my Italian prof. who is fluent in English, Italian, and French! I think the best way to get fluent is to do what she is doing: move to the actual country where the language you want to learn is spoken in day to day life!)

  4. Sophie,
    Thanks you!
    And my momma would like to type to yours...
    Wow! Haha thats pretty weird!
    Yeah I'm just getting the sounds and basic stuff down right now.

    Ah, that would be so awesome to be trilingual. Moving to the country where the language is spoken would definately be the best way to learn, like you said. But I don't see myself moving to France any time soon!


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