Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday! I was born in 1996, which was a leap year, and my real birthday is February 29th! So technically, I am only 3 1/4 years old! Hehe! I love being a leap year baby! Anyways, I forgot to post on the 28th, and on the 1st, so here you go, you get your birthday post on March 2nd haha.

Anyways, I'm having a big party, and all the modern girls are coming! Then I'll be having a sleep over in my room! I can't wait! :)


ps-all credit to whoever made that picture^^^ I just googled birthday cake lol

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am so happy! To make up for being locked in the closet, my human is letting me pick out 2 outfits, 1 for me and one for my sister Katarzyna Dzylaski(she is a #25 with gray eyes and shorter hair. Her name sounds "funny" because she is Polish. We just call her Katie for short.)

Here is what we picked.

Me:Sapphire Party Dress(store exclusive, now online, and price reduced!)

Katarzyna:Silver Belle outfit (price reduced, and only availalbe online and in stores while supplies last!)

Plus, we're using the Chrissa code, which gets $10 off, so it is a really good deal! My next wishlist is the garden outfit, licorice play outfit, and my *future* sisters #11, but it is too soon to be telling the human about her...

ANYWAYS, the human has all the supplies for the journal, except, the JOURNAL! LOL :P! She has all the paper and everything, but apparently we don't have an unused notebook lying around the house. So scratch that done by yesterday thing in my last post.

And just a heads up:
I might not be on for a while because the human has a science project due in one week, and its a big one. And little dollies cannot get on the big peoples computers that easily, or can they...


Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello People!

Sorry for not posting much! Guess what? Our human is making a "special AG jounal" (a composition notebook*those marbled black and white ones* that is decorated with fancy scrapbook paper, etc.) where she will write all about us. Our names, personalities, birthdays, and other stuff. She's also going to write her *gasp!* wish lists in there! I'll get a picture of the final product, it should be finished tonight :)


Monday, February 16, 2009

The poll results!

The poll results are in! Well, they have been for a day or two now :)

Here are the results:

-Lindsey-1 Vote-6%

-Kailey-1 Vote-6%

-Marisol-0 Votes-0%

-Jess-4 Votes-25%

-Nicki-3 Votes-18%

-Mia-2 Votes-12%
-Chrissa-3 Votes-18%

-Gwen-1 Vote-6%

-Sonali-1 Vote-6%

So... In first place is Jess with 25% of the votes(4 votes). Jess est très populaire avec mes lecteurs which means that Jess is very popular with my readers! Félicitations ,congratulations, to the Jess's of the world!

Tied for second place are Chrissa and Nicki each with 2 votes/18%!

Third place goes to Mia with 2 votes/12%!

Fourth place is a BIG tie between Lindsey, Kailey, Gwen, and Sonali all with 1 votes (6%)

And 5th (last) place goes to Marisol Luna, who sadly recieved 0 votes (0%) Marisol pauvre! (Poor Marisol)

Talk to you later,

PS: Check out the new poll on the sidebar!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A sad Valnetines Day

I am sad to report to you that my sisters and I, and all of our clothes and accessories, have been put away. We are locked in a closet, in our boxes! I am fuming right now!!! The human was embarrassed of us, so we were shut away! You know this 15 things post going around? Here is mine-
1. I hate my human right now
2. My human is dead if I get out when she is around!
3. I strongly dislike my human.
4. My momma is EVIL!
5. I cannot breath in my doll box
6. When I am in my dolls box, I feel like I'm dead and in a coffin.
7. Human+me=big trouble
8. I can move pretty fast when I want to
9. You better watch out.
10. I'm trying to learn to sleep with my eyes OPEN. It is pretty hard for me...
11.I am desperately trying to organize a doll mafia. The sisters don't think it is such a good idea.
12. My momma doesn't love me anymore.
13. I dont' love my human enymore either!
14. Grrrrrrrr wejhfiwoehf bah humbug!
15. I am crying. I am sad.

To my evil momma the next time I see her: Si les regards pourraient tuer vous seriez mort en ce moment !
I escaped for a few moments to take these pictures:

This is what you see when you open the closet

How innocent! Can you tell where we are?

Now, let us remove this disguise:

There we are! My box is the AGoT, the blue one on top with the polka dots! Poor Jess doesn't even have a box (she is from Ebay) so she has to stand!

See the second row of boxes behind the first one? Look at poor Sonny!

Big view, Jess is covered in a while blanket to keep the dust off of her. All the outfits are stacked behind her and underneath her!

I am desperately trying to organize a doll mafia, but the sisters say it is a bad idea and to just cope with it! Que pensent-ils ? C'est une situation horrible !

I don't know how much I'll be able to keep the blog up, being as it is hard to get out of my captivity!

_Avery v_

Monday, February 2, 2009

An update, FINALLY!

Do I look shiny to you? :P

Sorry I haven't updated in like forever, I've been so busy with school! This is my schedule for just today! I have way too many reports to do! And by the way, have you noticed that I put a lot if things in bold, and italics? LOL I'll stop bolding and italicising(spellling?) words now...

-1st hour Health- Write a 3+ page report on the human brain and how it works.

-2nd hour ELA- Read a novel of your choice (at least 200 pages) and write a 5 page book report on it. Read short story and finish vocabulary and short answer work sheets.

-3rd hour Social Studies/World History- Pick an European country and write a report on their Histoy, Art, Religion, Daily Life, Language, Economy, Government, and Social Groups. Learn at least 1/2 of your report in your country's language. I chose Poland for my country, so Katarzyna Dzylaski can help me(she is my sister who was born is Polish!). Read chapters 14-18 in text book and define all vocabulary words.

-4th hour Science- Read chapter 21 and finish worksheet. Finish diagrams of a animal and plant cell.

-5th hour Orchestra/Band- Practice for concert for 1 hour. Test on latin music terms.

-6th hour Algebra- Finish algebra lessons 60-65 (these are 30 questions each lesson :o )

After school:
-Practice bass clarinet for orchestra/band
-Go to Marisol's(Marisol Luna, my sister who is an amazing dancer!) ballet rehearsal, since I am part of the music for their show(I'm playing my bass clarinet with about 10 other people and we are the music for the recital!)
-Practice speaking in Polish with Katty (My nickname for Katarzyna)
-Finish the rest of my homework
-Help Jess, Bailee, and Samantha(Jess McConnell, Bailee Endicott, and Samantha Parkington, my sisters) cook dinner.
-Get on computer to update blog!!!!!!!! (this is what I'm doing right now!)
-Read 75+ pages of my novel (Fever 1793, my sister Mattie Cook is the main character and she has agreed to do, I mean help, with my book report, since well she lived it!)
-Eat my nightly oreo cookie and glass of chocolate milk

Lunar(Chinese) New Year was on January 26th, and Ivy and Jess celebrated!

They look so pretty!

And guess what?!?!?!?!?!?
The sisters and I got our sale order a few days ago with the
-STAGE (so cool! I'll post pictures later!)
-I Like Your Style Outfit (Nicki Fleming, my sister, look sooooo pretty in this!)
-Ruby Ballet Outfit (Marisol and Sonali have officially "claimed" this. It is really pretty! They said I could have the necklace :] )
I'll post pictures of all the new stuff on my next update!

Avery was here, but now I'm off to read and eat oreos (milk's favorite cookie!)
Au revoir, which is French for good bye!

Your favorite #25,
_Avery V._