Monday, February 16, 2009

The poll results!

The poll results are in! Well, they have been for a day or two now :)

Here are the results:

-Lindsey-1 Vote-6%

-Kailey-1 Vote-6%

-Marisol-0 Votes-0%

-Jess-4 Votes-25%

-Nicki-3 Votes-18%

-Mia-2 Votes-12%
-Chrissa-3 Votes-18%

-Gwen-1 Vote-6%

-Sonali-1 Vote-6%

So... In first place is Jess with 25% of the votes(4 votes). Jess est très populaire avec mes lecteurs which means that Jess is very popular with my readers! Félicitations ,congratulations, to the Jess's of the world!

Tied for second place are Chrissa and Nicki each with 2 votes/18%!

Third place goes to Mia with 2 votes/12%!

Fourth place is a BIG tie between Lindsey, Kailey, Gwen, and Sonali all with 1 votes (6%)

And 5th (last) place goes to Marisol Luna, who sadly recieved 0 votes (0%) Marisol pauvre! (Poor Marisol)

Talk to you later,

PS: Check out the new poll on the sidebar!


  1. Aw, poor Marisol.
    Yay me! (That was Mia, who was thrilled to see she got third place)
    Rose: Mia, you only got two votes and one of them was you!
    Mia: too bad i still beat lots of other people!
    Rose: *sigh*

    I'm gonna go vote on your poll now!


    Mia: Yeah me too!
    Rose: *exaggerated sigh*

  2. I voted for Samantha/Nellie. :)


  3. Rose*and Mia*,
    I feel bad for poor Marisol too. Nobody likes her :P

    Haha, LOL, Mia CONGRATULATIONS on third place *hands over gigantic golden trophy*

    I'm glad you voted!


  4. I voted for Jess. :) The Jess at my place is a travel/soccer/trigonometry obsessed girl...all three of those things to an extreme.


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