Saturday, February 14, 2009

A sad Valnetines Day

I am sad to report to you that my sisters and I, and all of our clothes and accessories, have been put away. We are locked in a closet, in our boxes! I am fuming right now!!! The human was embarrassed of us, so we were shut away! You know this 15 things post going around? Here is mine-
1. I hate my human right now
2. My human is dead if I get out when she is around!
3. I strongly dislike my human.
4. My momma is EVIL!
5. I cannot breath in my doll box
6. When I am in my dolls box, I feel like I'm dead and in a coffin.
7. Human+me=big trouble
8. I can move pretty fast when I want to
9. You better watch out.
10. I'm trying to learn to sleep with my eyes OPEN. It is pretty hard for me...
11.I am desperately trying to organize a doll mafia. The sisters don't think it is such a good idea.
12. My momma doesn't love me anymore.
13. I dont' love my human enymore either!
14. Grrrrrrrr wejhfiwoehf bah humbug!
15. I am crying. I am sad.

To my evil momma the next time I see her: Si les regards pourraient tuer vous seriez mort en ce moment !
I escaped for a few moments to take these pictures:

This is what you see when you open the closet

How innocent! Can you tell where we are?

Now, let us remove this disguise:

There we are! My box is the AGoT, the blue one on top with the polka dots! Poor Jess doesn't even have a box (she is from Ebay) so she has to stand!

See the second row of boxes behind the first one? Look at poor Sonny!

Big view, Jess is covered in a while blanket to keep the dust off of her. All the outfits are stacked behind her and underneath her!

I am desperately trying to organize a doll mafia, but the sisters say it is a bad idea and to just cope with it! Que pensent-ils ? C'est une situation horrible !

I don't know how much I'll be able to keep the blog up, being as it is hard to get out of my captivity!

_Avery v_


  1. Oh no! That's horrible! What happened? Why are you all hidden away?! I hope you find a way to escape! If that ever happened to me, I would be so mad, too.


    P.S. We're thinking about you! May the force to escape be with you!

  2. Rose,
    Thank you for the force! :)

    Thanks, you are a true friend!

  3. Why, thank you! *beams*
    But you didn't tell me, why are you hidden away? Not to be nosy or anything (its just me nature to want to know things) but you've made me curious!
    I hope my human never puts us in a closet. If she does, then I will personally make sure she will be EXTINGUISHED and PERISH IN A DREADFUL [[[accidental]]] fire. Not to imply that's what you should do to your human. That's just how I would handle it. And sorry to be a above.

    ~Rose, 'cuz that's how I roll

  4. Oh dear. Being locked in a closet doesn't sound at all fun! Hope you're allowed out soon. =(

  5. Rose,
    She was "embarrassed of us" and "some family members don't approve of us". I feel...violated! Ughhhh stupid, silly, humans.

    I think that *accidental* fire would work very nicely. Or maybe I'll find my way onto the AG website with a credit card. The sisters and I need more friends, and a new wardrobe :)

    It is horrible! Thanks =)



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