Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dix choses de moi!

I know a lot of people were doing the "10 things about me" (or 15 in some cases) and stuff like that. I think I'll try it now! I'm a little late, but oh well :P

1. My full name is Avery-Marie Victoria Voisin
2. My favorite colors are jaune (yellow) and pourpre (purple)
3. My favorite number is 12!
4. My favorite animal is a singe (monkey)
5. My favorite food is croissants, yum!
6. I'm from Paris, France
7. I got to Mondale Preparatory Academy for Girls, a private boarding school
8. I fence (the sport "with swords")
9. My dorm room is 9-3714U-X
10. My favorite subject is Math!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ivy and Grease, Part 2

At 7 last night Ivy and I went to the Mondale Prep. Production of Grease The Musical! It was really good. Since Mondale Prep. is just for girls, boys from Alan Academy were in it for all the guy characters. I thought they did a great job! My sort-of friend Macy Zieser was Sandy. She was amazing! I couldn't believe how well she sang. Here is the list of the main characters, and who played who (for girls)

(Can you see Ivy and I, we are on the far left in the audience! On stage is Macy and Nellie as Sandy and Frenchy.)

Macy Zeiser as Sandy Olsen

Lindsey Bergman as Betty Rizzo

Nellie O' Malley as Frenchy

Samantha Parkington as Jan

Gianna Geresti as Marty "Maraschino"

And there are a lot more small rolls too.

Yay! Ivy did end up spending the night! She came back to my dorm after we saw the musical. I'm so happy! We talked, played dolls and stuffed animals, watched a movie, then finally went to bed at like 1 o'clock in the morning! Since Addy Walker (who shares a bunk bed with me, she has the bottom and I have the top) was out that night, Ivy slept on the bottom. It was so much fun!

Well, I've got to go, bye for now!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Ivy and Grease!

Today Ivy came over from her dorm to hang out with me! It is Friday finally, but we have lots of homework. Ivy is in a lot of my classes, so while she was over we worked on our assignments together. For history we have to do reports on a foreign country's economic situation. She chose France, and I chose China, so we are helping each other on that. I'm really freaking out about my major quiz on Monday in English class. My teacher is really mean, it is 2 pages (front and back) full of really hard essay questions and it's worth like 1/3 of our grade. Speaking of grades, report cards come out next week! I'm not too worried, since most of the things in school come pretty easily to me. I'm really struggling in my foreign language class. I have my hands full speaking English, and retaining French (kind of hard when I can't speak it much because everyone I know only speaks English and that is the language I have to talk in almost 24/7). I am like failing Polish, (yeah a strange foreign language to take!). Luckily one of my friends, Katarzyna Dyzlaski (I've mentioned her in a post before) is Polish and she is helping me a lot! Even with that I'm averaging at about a B- , which is really bad for me. :( I've been doing a lot of extra credit though, so hopefully that will help my grade and Ms. Kowalski will bump me up a bit!

Another thing Ivy and I are doing is going to the production of *tweaked* Grease that Mondale Prep. is putting on! I love the Grease movie, so I can't wait to see it in a play. The script has been changed a bit though, to make it school, and 7th grade, appropriate. I tried out, but my schedule didn't work with the production schedule, so I had to turn down a roll. My "friend" Macy Zeiser is playing Sandy! I'm happy for her, but kind of jealous. She is nice enough though, she's in my Math class, and lent me her jacket once :P Anyways, we're going to see the musical tonight. I can't wait! It starts at 7:00 pm and goes until 9:00 pm I think.
Ivy might sleep over! I'm really happy, because I don't get to see many of my *real* friends except for in class and a little bit after school. I've been having so much homework and a lot of after school activities lately, that I haven't seen them much. I've just seen my room mates, which can get kind of annoying living with the same people every day! We are arranged alphabetically into our dorms, with 5 girls to a room. I'm with Gwen Thompson, Dakota Ulrich, Addy Walker, and Ella Xavier. They are pretty nice, but being with them so much gets annoying. And all their friends come over a lot, but mine usually don't.
This has been a really long post! Well I have to go now, talk to you later!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New layout!

What do you think of the new layout? I thought I needed to change it up a bit...

Vote in the poll in my sidebar on how well you like the new layout :)


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sorry for not posting in forever! Beware: spoiler pictures!

Sorry I haven't posted in forever, I've just been so busy! I had a bunch of school work, fencing meets, and book club meetings.

But have you heard?!?!?!? It's REBECCA'S OFFICIAL BOOK COVER IMAGES! Credit to picasa user "madi"
As far as I know, this is a little mailerthing that some people are getting in the mail. It has pictures of her books, but none of the official doll or outfits yet. Still, we know sort of what she will look like now! I think she is really pretty. I understand now why they archived Samantha. They look a lot a like, with slightly curly brown hair of the same length and brown eyes, plus they're from the same time period, therefore have the same style of clothes. I'm still going to miss Samantha and Nellie though, but at least there will be a new doll!
Rebecca Rubin spoiler pictures are here! Yay!
Here is the album I got the picture from. All credit to picasa user "madi"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our order is here!

The AG order arrived! We have 3 new outfits, Nellie's PJs (this was a surprise!), Silver Belle Dress, and Sapphire Party outfit! They are all really pretty. I am modeling the Sapphire Party Outfit, Sonali is modeling the Silver Belle Dress, and Jess is modeling Nellie's Pajamas.