Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not much to post about...

Yeah, sorry for not posting for a few days. There really isn't much happening, and Brooke (my owner) doesn't have a camera right now, so she can't take pictures of me.

On a different note, I have SO much homeowork! I hate almost all the teachers :'( I have to do a bunch of worksheets, notes, and math lessons tonight. I'm supposed to be doing homework right now, shhhh!

The release of *spoiler doll* is getting close! Is anyone planning on getting her? Brooke wants too, because she loves the book character. (There were book summaries leaked a while ago). She really wants to see what she looks like though, if she is too close to Samantha and Olivia.

Well, an update from Brooke (kind of goes with her last post)

Hi everybody, it's Brooke! I just wanted to add that today I had another track meet. I ran the 100 meter sprint(came in first), the mile(came in first), and the 100 meter hurdles (came in 2nd). YAY! :)

and Brooke

Monday, April 27, 2009

Post from Avery's Owner *WOOT WOOT!*

Hi, Avery's owner here. I really need a name, don't I? I'm getting tired of referring to myself as "Avery's Owner" or "The Human", etc. , so right here, right now, I'm establishing a name for myself.
That is now my name... it may be my real name, it may not. I've got to keep you guessing, don't I? :P

Ok, anyways, back on topic! Today I had a track meet!!!! I was so nervous. I did REALLY good though. I came in first for the 300 M Hurdles and the 400 M Dash! I am so happy! I also did the mile and came in 1st! I was really proud of myself for the 300 M Hurdles, since I can never do hurdles too well, and the other people were really fast. I didn't think I would win the mile, but I out the heat on in the last 1/2 mile and won! I was so tired afterwards, but I'm so happy! I did a lot better than I thought I would. I'm suprised I was put in 3 events, but I'm just glad I did well.


Well a quick post from me. I just had to let that out! I'm so happy! Sorry for all the exclamations points :P


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today I found a daffodil, just my size! On a plant there were about 5 blossoms, and one of them was mini! How cool is that? It fits right in my palm. It isn't fake, it's a real flower. I've never seen one like that. It wasn't some special plant either, it was just a regular one. My owner took a picture of it, because it will wilt soon :'-(. She edited the photo so it is kind of blurred, and put a quote on it, it says, "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." It is by Lao Tzu, whoever that is... Sorry the picture is so small. She had to crop the original picture, and now we can't resize it to be any bigger with out it getting really blurry!

Today was also the "March For Babies"*It is where you raise pledges, then walk 5 miles all around town, and the money goes towards helping premature babies. I raised $30. It was so much fun! There were A LOT of people. At the finish line there was cotton candy, pizza, and a DJ. Ivy actually jogged the whole 5 miles (well almost). She ran a mile, walked 1/2 a mile, ran a mile, .... you get it right? I couldn't do that :P

I didn't inlcude a post title because everything in this post was kind of off topic and random, and not related to one another :P

I don't have much time on the computer, sorry!


*'The owner' here-Technically, Avery did not participate. It was me that did the walk, raised the pledges, Avery didn't really even go... and neither did Ivy. Not sure why you would want to know this, but I thought I'd include it anyways.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


AHHHH!!!!!!! There is a severe thunder storm warning and possibly a tornado! We NEVER get tornadoes in Michigan, so this is really scary!

Today was really warm, about 80 degrees! It was a lot cooler a few days ago, so a major temperature change. I was outside when the siren went off. It was the emergency alarm siren!!! People didn't know if they were just testing it or what, because it was nice and sunny, and nothing seemed wrong. I was scared out of my wind, because it had been so nice, then started pouring down rain, thundering, and lightning all over the place. When they emergency siren goes off we're all supposed to report to the gym, so I was running outside through all the rain and lightning trying to get there. I had to run from outside my dorm to the actual school campus, which is pretty far. The power also went out, for like an hour. The principal said that there were severe thunder storm warnings and a possibility of 80 mph winds! Our power went out because an electrical line came down.

I'm back in my dorm now. It's still pouring, and there are a few thunders, but otherwise everything is back to normal. I'm pretty freaked out though! The satellite (for TV) keeps losing its signal, and my room mates are all screaming, "WHAT?!?!? Of course we had to loose the signal NOW!" Apparently the reality show they're watching is pretty important...

WOW! A big boom of thunder just went through. I don't like storms!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cartoon Avery and Ivy (idea from Anna Lee's LJ!)

I was reading my friend Anna Lee's Live Journal (, and she posted pictures of how she made herself into a 'cartoon'. All credit to her for this idea!

She gave a website where you make these, so I went and made a cartoon Avery and a cartoon Ivy! It was so fun. I made mine with a peace sign, hehe! :P
Do you think it looks like us?
PS: Look at my Earth Day post below!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

How did you celebrate Earth Day?

~I turned off all un-necassary things that run on electricity(everything but an alarm clock!)

~Took a 5 minute shower(LOL, I can go fast when I want to!) instead of my usual 10-15 minutes

~Towel dried my hair instead of using a blow dryer

~Recycled all the graded papers I got back, instead of throwing them away

~No computer or T.V.

~Turned off all the lights and used candles

~Played outside instead of inside

~Used scrap paper to take notes on instead of brand new notebook paper

~Walked to and from school (well... I always do that!)

~Planted a tree! (I seriously did. Each dorm room planted a tree in the front of the entrance)

~Gave a speech on 'Going Green' in school

~Wore green!

I was truly eco-friendly and did not go on the computer to post on Earth Day! :)

Talk to you later,


Monday, April 20, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Today it rained, A LOT! From the time I went to bed last night (11:00) to right now. I slept good though, the sound of rain really relaxes me, but rain makes me feel kind of depressed and dreary at the same time. I wanted to go outside and splash in the puddles, but the person wouldn't let me :'( Oh well...
I went to school, and I swear it rained the whole time. We were inside for lunch/recess today. I don't like it when we're inside because everyone is crammed into the gym bleachers.
I walked back to my dorm from the official school campus to the dorm area, and got SOAKED! It was pouring! I sprinted back with my room mate Dakota Ulrich. We were giggling the whole time running back. That reminds me of a song...
'Dashing through the rain, on a pair of wet legs
o'er the campus we go, laughing all the way!'
LOL, that was kind of random. I should stop altering Christmas songs now...

Most of today was kind of a 'stay inside and get caught up' day for me. I worked on a lot of homework(Mr. Simone, WHY SO MUCH MATH HOMEWORK?!?!?!), and read some of a book, called The City of Ember. I got it from our school library. Apparently there is a movie based on it too, I didn't know that. I also cleaned up my portion of the room. I should really do that more often, because it took forever to get everything organized!

Ivy came over today too. Ivy is very fashionable, and well, I'm not. :P So she decided to give me a 'high fashion make over'. I'm afraid to post a full body shot, as I think I look ridiculous, so just a head shot for you guys :) I might post a picture later. Ivy and the person are insisting on a photo shoot. If they bug me much longer, I think I'll give in, but green skinny jeans just aren't my thing!

And a quick update on Olivia, for all of you who are wondering: (if you don't know what I'm talking about, read my last two posts, "Another New Sister?!?!?" and "Meet Olivia Jaslene Parkington")

She is doing pretty good from my understanding. She's very artsy, and has quickly moved to one of the top students in art and band class. In art I think her forte is painting. Today I saw a scene she painted of the woods and it was amazing. In band she plays the tenor saxophone, but Samantha said she plays a bunch of other instruments too. She's also joined the lacrosse team. Just by looking at her, I can tell she's sporty. Those PM girls are built like little line backers! She makes me look so scraggly and thin... Anyways, I think she's made a few friends. Samantha's best friend Nellie is hanging out with Olivia a lot, even when Samantha isn't there. Olivia's also been hanging around with a few of the other historical girls here, like Felicity and Ruthie. I guess she can relate to them more.

Talk to you later,


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet Olivia Jaslene Parkington

Meet the newest girl here, Olivia Jaslene Parkington.(she's on the right in the photo) She is a Pre-Mattel Samantha doll. She has beautiful, like new hair, the chubby, cute face of a PM, and long, brown eye lashes. There was a Mattel Samantha already here, so our "Antique Sam" and I have called her, is now Olivia! The Parkington Twins time travel from 1904 to 2009! Time traveling sounds like so much fun :P

Samantha Anneliese Parkington is the oldest of the twins (by 7 minutes). She is basically like the book character Samantha. She is kind, caring, etc. just like the Samantha books. Out of the twins, Sam is the most daring and bold. She is also the most "school smart". People call her Samantha and Sam.

Olivia Jaslene Parkington is the younger twin. She is shy, but likes to try new things and meet new people. She is artsy. Olivia paints and plays the piano. People call her Olivia, Livvy, and Liv.

The twins don't really dress the same, except in their fancy Victorian checkered dresses. They do try to coordinate a little bit. Like today, they both have their hair up. They're wearing an "AG shirt" (Sam has the AGPC and Olivia has *my* JLY meet outfit shirt), shorts (Sam is wearing the skate board outfit blue camo shorts, and Olivia has Nicki's shorts and belt, from the tie top and shorts outfit), and sandals (Sam has Jess's meet outfit flip flops, Olivia has Nicki's sandals from the tip top and shorts outfit).

Even though the twins have barely been here a day, they're already creating mischief! They've been messing around with everyone. Playing pranks, running around, and talking non stop! Just a little while ago, they both walked up to me. They both look almost exactly the same, it's really hard to tell them apart. I hadn't seen them earlier, so I didn't know what they were wearing either. So they both say hi. I say hi back. Then they ask me to tell them which one of them is Olivia, and which one is Samantha. I can't tell them apart, so I said that I didn't know. Then they both got mad and kind of sad, and kept saying that I must not like them much or something. I felt so bad! LOL, then the burst out laughing, and told me it was all a joke.

Since Olivia is new at Mondale, Samantha is showing her around. I hope she likes it here! I'm glad we didn't end up getting rid of her. I'm going to take the poll down now, since we're keeping her. Read my last post, it tells about how we found her and everything.

Well I have to go now, Bye!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another new sister?!?!?

My owner found a Samantha at an Antique Mall! She came with her meet outfit and Nightgown/Robe/Slippers. She is in amazing condition. Her hair feels like brand new. My owner says that Antique Sam might be PM. She was really cheap, only $15 for everything!

I can't believe it, another new sister! We might not end up keeping her though, since there is already a Sam here. My owner might sell the one we found today. Since Sam is archived, she could get a decent amount of money for her if she sold her on Ebay or something. If she does sell her, she might get a #11 or get Marisol a new head.(recurling poor Mari's hair isn't going to well...) If we do keep Antique Sam, she wouldn't stay Samantha. We would make a new character for her. I want a Russian immigrant, but I'm not sure what we will end up doing. I'm all for a new sister though, even though we JUST got Marisol.
"Antique Sam" as I've been calling her, is very shy. I think she was a bit scared with all the other dolls in the "Doll Room" at the antique mall. She's barely even said anything. She just got washed down though, because she had some surface dirt. I think that is the reason she fell over. She was so nervous and shy her knees gave out! My owner keeps saying that she has 'floppy legs' and the need to be 'restrung'. I really think she was just overwhelmed though, but whatever, nobody listens to me.
Vote on the poll please, whether we should keep her or not.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The weekend, at last! Long, boring post about school

It's the weekend, FINALLY! I thought it would never come. My teachers have been pounding me with homework. History, math, everything! I still have homework over the weekend, but not very much. I just have to finish 1/2 of a math problem set (about 15 problems left to do) and maybe study for a really simple science quiz on Monday. Speaking of school and homework, I guess I will give you guys the whole "shpeel" (I have no idea how to spell this!) on things at school. There isn't anything else going on in my life right now, so whatever! This could be boring though...
I go to Mondale Preparatory Academy For Girls, more commonly known as Mondale, or Mondale Prep. It's named after Walter F. Mondale, Jimmy Carter's VP. Supposedly Walter Mondale suggested to build the school, Jimmy Carter agreed, and they funded everything. Since Mondale is just for girls, there is a boy's school, Alan Academy. They're pretty close to each other, but there are no "mixed" classes with boys and girls, but Alan's campus is pretty close to Mondale's. I'm in 7th grade right now.
I came to Mondale when I was in 4th grade. That is when I moved here from France. I'd been working on my English before then, so I could basically speak English pretty well. I was only 8 or 9 I think... My parents chose Mondale because it had a good record and was an elite boarding school in the country. They only accept 50 students.(NO! My owner DOES NOT have 50 dolls! She just makes up characters.) So I applied, and got in.
At Mondale you have to have the basic core classes. One Math class, one Literature(English Language Arts), one History, one Science. Then you are required to take a Foreign Language, Gym, Health, and one class of your choice. For my class of choice I chose Band. Here is my schedule for the day:
Health or Gym, Mrs. Palmero
AP ELA, Mrs. Bernardo
AP World History-Ms. Mitchelle
AP Science-Mr. Sierza
"C" Lunch
Band-Mr. Denardin
AP Math-Mr. Simone
Foreign Language-Ms. Kowalski
Homeroom-Room #5, Mr. Walker

I'm in a lot of advanced classes. I don't mean to brag, but I'm really proud of myself. I've never gotten less than an "A-" on any report card :)

My first class is with Mrs. Palmero. I DO NOT like her. She teaches Gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then on Tuesday and Thursday we have Health class with her. She always tells me whenever we're running to, "Move that little French butt of yours Voisin!". It gets really old.

Next I have ELA, with Mrs. Bernardo. I'm in AP English, which amazes Mrs. Bernardo because English is my 2nd language. She's super strict, and the one that wouldn't let me make up my book report (I detention for not turning it in, when it fell in a puddle and wasn't my fault)

Then it is World History with Ms. Mitchelle. I'm in AP History. You go to "Basic History" if you're normal level, then World History in the AP level. Ms. Mitchelle is an awesome teacher! I'm so happy I got her. She lets us talk a lot when we have free time. She tells us to call her "Anne", but that is just weird calling teachers by their first names...

Now it's AP Science with Mr. Sierza. He is a cool teacher too! We do a lot of hands on activities. He also teaches a little bit of chemistry and basic physics to us.

Then LUNCH! I have "C" lunch, which is the last lunch of the day. Usually most of the good food is gone :P I have my Lunch hour with Ivy though, which I'm happy about. She's probably one of my best friends.

Next I have Band with Mr. Denardin. He's okay. He's really strict at times, and other times he could really care less about what we're doing. Mr. D. is an amazing musician! I swear he can play every instrument really, really good!

Then is Algebra with Mr. Simone. Usually, in 7th grade, you're in "Math 7/8" which means for 7th grade and slow learners in 8th grade. In 8th grade you go to "Pre-Algebra", then in 9th grade you're in Algebra. I'm super advanced in Math, it's my best subject. The normal AP Math is the 8th grade Pre-Alg, but I tested out of that so now I'm in 9th grade Algebra! There are a few other 7th graders, but not many.

Last, but not least, is my Foreign Language with Ms. Kowalski. I was going to try to take French LOL! :P But I couldn't, so I chose Polish. I don't know why in the world I chose Polish, but I did. I'm doing really bad in this class, well bad for me. I just can't learn a 3rd language. It's taking all I got to speak English and French! With a lot of extra credit and "participation points" I'm hovering around an A-.

My homeroom is Homeroom #5 with Mr. Walker. We just go there every morning for attendance. We're arranged alphabetically. My homeroom includes Dakota Ulrich, me, Addy Walker, Ella Xavier, Lily Xiong, Erin Yeager, Coral Yokinobu, Macy Zeiser, Shelbi Zeiser(Macy and Shelbi are twins), and Ruby Zomar. Alphabetically I'm #41 out of 50 students in the school.

My locker partner is Dakota. We get our locker partners alphabetically too. We have locker #21. Like, the whole 7th grade list is numbered, and student #1 and #2 share locker #1, student #3 and #4 share locker #2, etc. Dakota is nice enough, but we hang out with totally different groups of people. I really envy her though, because she has gorgeous red hair (she's a JLY #5)

Since I go to boarding school, all the students have dorms. I'm in dorm 9-3714U-X. It means we are the 9th dorm of 10, with the first person alphabetically in our group of 5's student ID, then U-X which are our last names. There are 5 of us, Dakota Ulrich (my locker partner), me, Addy Walker, Ella Xavier, and Lily Xiong. Since basically everything is alphabetical at Mondale, Dakota and I share a bunk bed, so do Addy and Ella, and Lily gets the single bed. I'm not really great friends with any of my room mates, but I'm the closest friends with Dakota and Addy. We all hang out with totally different groups though.
Next is the dreaded "Private School Uniform". Our school color is burgundy, so we have a burgundy plaid skirt(my owner says that it is from the Petals and Plaid outfit). Then we have a white polo(non-AG) with a white cardigan(Emily's accessories Cardigan). We have white socks(non-AG, my owner is trying to find burgundy knee highs!) and black Mary Jane's(lots of different shoes could work, but I wear the one's from Nellie's meet outfit).

Well I was super bored, so that's why I typed so much useless information in this post. Long, boring text and no picture, what a bore! Talk about a "My Life at Mondale 101" post! LOL! If you read it all, I applaud you. I just wrote it, but I haven't read the whole thing :P I didn't mean to brag so much about my AP classes, I think I got a little carried away...sorry!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The highly anticipated Chrissa Movie! Plus flute disaster! :'(

Last night we watched the Chrissa Stands Strong movie!!! *beware, spoilers could follow* It was pretty good, better than I'd thought it would be. Sonali *the doll* was disgusted at herself in the movie. I felt so bad for Gwen, how the Mean Bee's made fun of her so much! She is really good at the violin too. I wanted to *kill* Tara, she was so rude and obnoxious! Towards the beginning when Chrissa goes to take the swim team permission slips to the office, Tara stabs her in the back with a pencil! And towards the end she like, eggs on Tyler *Chrissa's brother* to to a hard dive that he can't do and he gets hurt because of her! I'm glad that there is no students here that are mean to that extent, but I know my friend Haley has some Tara-like characters at her school. The baby llama in the movie was so cute! :) Awwww, I just wanted to go up to the TV screen and hug it! What really amused me is that Sonali in the movie had a CELL PHONE. A really nice one too. And she's 4th grader! Another thing I noticed was that Sonali in the movie had straight hair, where the doll has curly hair. There were a lot of JLY outfits in the movie, like Chrissa wearing the School Days outfit, and Gwen wearing the Licorice play outfit. It was a good movie, I would recommend it!

School did not go so well though. I play the flute in band class, and today we had our "playing test". For those of you who don't know, a playing test is where the band teacher selects a song *or a few songs* for all students to play. He listens to your playing, scores you, then arranges your section *group of the same instruments* of how well you played. 1st chair is the best player, last chair is the worst. I practiced really hard on these 3 songs for this playing test. I was really confident. As we were warming up, I thought I sounded great. I could play straight through each song with no wrong notes, full dynamics, and keeping tempo. It was the best I've ever played them. So after warming up, we start the playing test. Each person plays the 3 songs. There are 8 flute players, and I was currently 4th chair. I'm not great, but I'm not horrible either. I really thought I was going to do good and get at least 3rd chair, maybe even 1st! So, then it's my turn to play. I get through the first song okay. I breathed at the wrong time, which messed up my phrasing a little bit, but I hit most the notes (all but one) and did pretty good dynamics and articulation. The 2nd song, which was the hardest in my opinion, I did pretty good. I got all the rhythms right, and only stumbled on a few 16th notes. I did the dynamics, articulations, kept tempo, and had a good tone quality. The last song, the easiest(!!!!) for me I screwed up. Really bad. I started it, and messed up on the accidentals. The key signature had 2 flats all ready, plus accidentals thrown in. I'd never had a problem with it before. So, I started over, and did the same thing again. By now I was kind of panicky. I rushed through, forgot dynamics and articulation, didn't hold out the whole notes long enough, screwed up on basically every high note, and missed the accidentals. I was totally screwed, since everyone else did average to great on every song. He posted the list of chairs. I was 6th chair out of 8! And since one person didn't play *they weren't here, and got last chair by default*, I'm really 2nd to last! :'( I'm sooooooooo angry at myself, yet really sad. What gets me is that I played it perfect 5 minutes before I took the test. I'm usually not very nervous, and I didn't feel nervous this time. And I was so confident that I was at least going to move up a chair, and maybe get 1st chair! HA!

I'm probably going to get like a 75% on that test... when I usually get an A-, I'll get a C.

And Marisol is now Marisol Isabel Luna, since Isabel won on the poll! Thanks for voting everybody!
Well that's it for now,

Thanks for the Chrissa DVD and flute stock photo.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! I'm 1/2 Christian, 1/2 Jewish so I celebrate both Easter and Passover. It is sad not to be with my family, but my owner chose 4 of us dolls to get dressed up in Spring Time clothes! They're not really the typical "Easter Dresses", but I think we all look pretty! I'm wearing the new Hearts Dress. I love the color, it goes good with my dark hair! I was wearing what Nicki was wearing, but we thought that it would look better if we switched. Nicki is wearing the dress and shoes from the Sapphire Party Outfit. Also, Marisol got dressed up! She is in the retired Flower Garden dress. It looks great on her, because her skin is darker and goes with the brown in the dress. Last but not least is Mia! She is wearing Emily's meet outfit dress with Kit's meet outfit shoes. She looks great! We were chosen to dress up because we go so good together :) We have all different eye colors and hair colors.

We also got to color eggs! It was so much fun! I liked making the purple ones. I think they turned out pretty good. We have lots of different colors. Tomorrow we are going to hide them! Then after wards we are going to take the shells off and make egg salad sandwiches, YUM! :) A lot of people don't like egg salad sandwiches, but I LOVE them!
Have a Happy Eater/Passover everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let the games begin!

Today my owner starts the soccer season. She's pretty out of shape, at least from what I can tell. There's the fall and spring seasons for soccer. The last game was in probably October. That's almost 6 months without soccer! She's a little rusty. I bet she'll have fun during the conditioning tonight. Can anyone say "Run a few miles!" I think that's what they'll be doing. At least it is nice out today. All of the snow from a few days ago has melted, and its about 50 degrees. I wish they weather would make up it's mind! :P

I'm not too sporty, but my owner is. I fence, but that's about it. A lot of people here at Mondale are really into sports. Mondale has just about every athletic program, plus dance and stuff like that, which means just about everyone is in some kind of sport activity.

In other news my owner found this weird "foto-flexer" program where she can edit pictures! Look at this "colored sketch" of Marisol! It looks like parts aren't finished, like her hair and stuff. It still looks pretty neat though! I want her to edit a photo of me like that so I can print it and put it up in my dorm.

actual picture
Well, I'll talk to you guys later. I think I'm doing pretty good about updating my blog, don't you think? My next post will be about Marisol's make over. Last night my owner did the "Downy Dunk" on her, and is trying to recurl her hair.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Marisol is here!

Marisol is here! She arrived this afternoon. Max says that she isn't in the greatest condition. Her hair is dry and has lost a lot of its curl, she kind of has a sticky eye, and she has a mark on her foot. I can tell Max loves her a lot though. Tonight is a "spa night" where Max is going to do a bunch stuff to Marisol to fix her hair. Something like a "Downy Dunk"? Whatever that is...

She seems nice enough, but I've barely even said 2 words to her. She came in and everyone was gathered around and I said "Hi Marisol!" She said hi back, but we haven't spoken since. She was swept up in a big girl of the year rush. Right now she's hanging out with Jess and Nicki. Marisol is so popular I can't believe it! She's been surrounded by people, well dolls, all day! Both Max and I know she came from ebay where no one wanted her anyone more and now she's living with us, but Marisol says that she moved here from Chicago( or somewhere around there) and came to Mondale (our boarding school) because it has a dance program and her old school didn't, and spring break was the perfect time to move. She's a dancer, ballet I think. And she has a cat named Rascal. That's basically all I know...

But wow! Marisol is so pretty! Even with all her "imperfections" as Max calls them (aka dry, not curly hair, sticky eye, and mark on her foot) she is gorgeous! I can only imagine what she'll look like when she is fixed up!

I'm slightly mad at her. Well not really at her, but at Max. Marisol came in a really ugly non-AG hand sewn outfit and had no other clothes. (she thinks she has suitcases with clothes, but MAx and I know she came from ebay with nothing, well this is confusing...) So Max goes into my closet and takes my Sapphire Party Outfit and my jeans and gives them to Marisol to wear. She does look really nice though, I just hope she gives them back! Or lets me borrow her meet outfit (that Max wants to get on Ebay, but Marisol says she has in her suitcases)

Here are a few pictures of her:

Talk to you later,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Okay, let's all say "WHAT?!?!?!" on the count of three now...

You saw my last post didn't you? (If not go look at the pictures!) You saw Ivy and I in the picture, right? You saw us wearing short sleeve shirts, and Ivy was wearing capris! You saw the green out the window, the sun streaming through, all of that!

Now here is that part where the title comes into play... 2 days ago it was warm, sunny, a nice spring day. Yesterday wasn't too bad either. I wake up this morning to see 2 INCHES OF SNOW! Okay, let's all say "WHAT?!?!?!" on the count of three...

1, 2, 3, "WHAT?!?!?!" Yep, you heard right, we have snow, in April! When it was so nice a few days ago! The unpredictable weather of Michigan really amazes me.

Anyways, of course I was bummed, but I went outside to play around in the snow. It's not the light, powdery snow. It's cold, wet, icy snow. :( Still I went outside, brrrr it was cold!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I went to Ivy's! And BIG news!

I went to Ivy's today! We are really becoming great friends. I didn't know her hardly at all a few months ago, but now she is like my best friend! She has a dog, Coconut, and a cat, Licorice. They actually get along really well, not like the stereotypical "dogs don't like cats" thing. We had a lot of fun. We walked Coconut around the campus. It is so warm outside, it is like 50 degrees! But tomorrow it is supposed to SNOW. Like 1-3 INCHES of SNOW! :( Anyways, then we came back to her dorm. She shares it with Marisol Luna, Sonali Matthews, Chrissa Maxwell, and Jess McConnell. I feel bad for her, she's stuck with all the Girl of the Year dolls! She doesn't get along with them too good, except maybe Jess. (Speaking of "Marisol Luna" she's the BIG news you'll be reading about in a second!) I had a lot of fun. Being with her pets makes me want a pet too! I think a cat would be easier for me, as it isn't as much work to take care of them.

Ivy is really nice, and we are getting to be great friends!

Now for the BIG news! I will hand this over to my owner for a second to "explain" this...

Ok, hi people! This is Avery's owner, you can call me, uh Max I guess! (don't ask...I'm reading the Maximum Ride books right now!). As of right now, I own 13 dolls. The fictional school which they attend has all of the dolls I have, plus all of the dolls I want. So when Avery says in the next paragraph that we are getting Marisol, it might sound weird since above it says Ivy shares a dorm with her already. It is hard to explain, but I hope you understand... :P Ok, back to Avery:

Well, you probably already know this, since "Max" just came out and told you, but MARISOL IS COMING TO LIVE HERE, well she already is *kinda* here, but that is the weird explaining part above LOL! I'm so excited! "Max" has wanted her forever, and finally has her after saving up for her forever! Here is an ebay auction picture. It is NOT mine, it's the seller's. I will post more pictures of her when she comes. She didn't come in her meet outfit (darn! I wanted to "borrow" it! :P). If anyone has an extra Marisol meet outfit that they wouldn't mind parting with, call me hehe! :P Make sure you vote in the poll in the sidebar for her middle name!

Talk to you later,
_avery, who is LOVING spring break!_
and "Max" who now has a name instead of "the human/my owner", and who is really excited about Marisol!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Detention Update!

I just realized that I posted on April Fools day! Well, that was NOT a joke. Unless you call a snobbish teacher yelling at your for 6 hours a joke!

Detention was horrible! It was SO boring. This teacher kept lecturing me about everything I did wrong, then I had to write 200 sentences of "I will turn my assignments in on time." *sigh* My hand hurts now! I'm glad it is over with, but 2 hours after school every day was a lot to get through! And I swear the next time I see Mr. Carmello I will punch him in the face! I'm not usually this violent, see what detention has turned me into?!?! :P
But on the bright side:

I am officially on spring break vacation!

YES! I am sooooooooooooo happy! I get to sleep in, stay up late, mess around, be with friends, no homework, it can't get much better than that! A lot of people are going on vacation to like, California or Florida, but I'm staying at school. I wish I could go back to France, but oh well...

I will post maybe a little more often now that I am on break. I will have a lot more time to be on the computer. :)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, My, Gosh! Detention!

I want to scream my head off right now. I really do! I am in SO much trouble, it isn't even funny. It has been rainy a lot around here, and in my experience, lots of rain creates lots of big, muddy puddles. Well, a book report that I've been slaving on for almost 2 weeks was in my folder, which I was carrying, when I went walked up to the front school door. The paper slid out of my folder (don't ask me how), blew away, and fell in a puddle! It was beyong being saved, totally soaked and smeared. I tried to explain this to my English teacher. Haha, do you think she bought it? Nope! I got an F( a zero percent!) on that paper, which was worth a big chunk of my grade. And of course, my teacher won't let me make it up either, not even for 1/2 credit. And plus 3 days of detention! Aren't I lucky? I'm really freaking out! I served 1 day detention today, and I have the other 2 detentions tomorrow and Friday for 2 hours each night. You basically just sit there. You can't do homework or anything, and a teacher lectures you about what you did wrong on, and on, then you sit in total silence. It is so boring!

These are my first detentions! I'm so sad... my permanent record is ruined! :P

Once I got home from detention I actually cried. One of my room mates, Addy Walked, really comforted me. She is sweet, but I haven't gotten to know her much. She has her group, and I have mine... anyways, the teacher just sat there, yelling at me for something that wasn't even my fault! He was like "Ms. Voisin, this is unacceptable! Ms. Voisin you know that here at Mondale Preparatory Academy for Girls we expect, and demand, that all work be turned in on time, and that every paper will be done to your best ability. Ms. Voisin, I hope you understand that not turning in any kind of an assignment is irresponsible. Ms. Voisin, I am very disappointed in you! Ms. Vosin, you need to get off your high horse and realize that you are not better than everyone else. Ms. Voisin stop being so full of yourself, you are not better than everyone else and will turn in assignments just like your classmates." Etc, I won't go on. It was super annoying, since he kept putting "Ms. Voisin" in front of every sentence, and didn't even say my last name right! :P I was about ready to say, "Mr. Carmello, I bet you're going to think this is 'disrespectful' and and 'very inappropriate' but you can take your little lecture and shove it!" I didn't though, luckily for I would have been toast.

I'm really sad now. I have 2 hours of this tomorrow and Friday to look forward to.
On a better note, the poll has ended, and 70% of you like the new layout, which is a good enough chunk for me to keep it! I like it, and I'm glad you guys do too. I was getting tired of pink! I'll update you on tomorrow on detention.