Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The highly anticipated Chrissa Movie! Plus flute disaster! :'(

Last night we watched the Chrissa Stands Strong movie!!! *beware, spoilers could follow* It was pretty good, better than I'd thought it would be. Sonali *the doll* was disgusted at herself in the movie. I felt so bad for Gwen, how the Mean Bee's made fun of her so much! She is really good at the violin too. I wanted to *kill* Tara, she was so rude and obnoxious! Towards the beginning when Chrissa goes to take the swim team permission slips to the office, Tara stabs her in the back with a pencil! And towards the end she like, eggs on Tyler *Chrissa's brother* to to a hard dive that he can't do and he gets hurt because of her! I'm glad that there is no students here that are mean to that extent, but I know my friend Haley has some Tara-like characters at her school. The baby llama in the movie was so cute! :) Awwww, I just wanted to go up to the TV screen and hug it! What really amused me is that Sonali in the movie had a CELL PHONE. A really nice one too. And she's 4th grader! Another thing I noticed was that Sonali in the movie had straight hair, where the doll has curly hair. There were a lot of JLY outfits in the movie, like Chrissa wearing the School Days outfit, and Gwen wearing the Licorice play outfit. It was a good movie, I would recommend it!

School did not go so well though. I play the flute in band class, and today we had our "playing test". For those of you who don't know, a playing test is where the band teacher selects a song *or a few songs* for all students to play. He listens to your playing, scores you, then arranges your section *group of the same instruments* of how well you played. 1st chair is the best player, last chair is the worst. I practiced really hard on these 3 songs for this playing test. I was really confident. As we were warming up, I thought I sounded great. I could play straight through each song with no wrong notes, full dynamics, and keeping tempo. It was the best I've ever played them. So after warming up, we start the playing test. Each person plays the 3 songs. There are 8 flute players, and I was currently 4th chair. I'm not great, but I'm not horrible either. I really thought I was going to do good and get at least 3rd chair, maybe even 1st! So, then it's my turn to play. I get through the first song okay. I breathed at the wrong time, which messed up my phrasing a little bit, but I hit most the notes (all but one) and did pretty good dynamics and articulation. The 2nd song, which was the hardest in my opinion, I did pretty good. I got all the rhythms right, and only stumbled on a few 16th notes. I did the dynamics, articulations, kept tempo, and had a good tone quality. The last song, the easiest(!!!!) for me I screwed up. Really bad. I started it, and messed up on the accidentals. The key signature had 2 flats all ready, plus accidentals thrown in. I'd never had a problem with it before. So, I started over, and did the same thing again. By now I was kind of panicky. I rushed through, forgot dynamics and articulation, didn't hold out the whole notes long enough, screwed up on basically every high note, and missed the accidentals. I was totally screwed, since everyone else did average to great on every song. He posted the list of chairs. I was 6th chair out of 8! And since one person didn't play *they weren't here, and got last chair by default*, I'm really 2nd to last! :'( I'm sooooooooo angry at myself, yet really sad. What gets me is that I played it perfect 5 minutes before I took the test. I'm usually not very nervous, and I didn't feel nervous this time. And I was so confident that I was at least going to move up a chair, and maybe get 1st chair! HA!

I'm probably going to get like a 75% on that test... when I usually get an A-, I'll get a C.

And Marisol is now Marisol Isabel Luna, since Isabel won on the poll! Thanks for voting everybody!
Well that's it for now,

Thanks AG.com for the Chrissa DVD and flute stock photo.


  1. HI!
    I'm sorry! :( I do, actually like the picture you posted. Are you homeschooled? I am....sorta. My school is like a homeschool class with more than one girl. Hallie's homeschooled!!! Sorry about the flute.

  2. Mia,
    Thanks :)
    I go to boarding school. Homeschooling sounds great though, because you wouldn't have to deal with teachers, and you'd be at your own house.


  3. I've thought about homeschooling as well. But my mother would have to teach me and I can't say I'd be happy about that, lol.
    Sorry to hear about the flute, and glad you liked the Chrissa movie. And yes, when I saw Tara and those girls I immediately thought of Meredith, ugh.


  4. Aww, I'm sorry your music test didn't go well. But your picture with the crossed out flute made me laugh out loud! I'm learning to play the violin, but not at school so I don't have to play any tests yet, thank goodness - I would be so nervous! I hope you can move up on your next test.

  5. Sorry about your playing test! I always get anxious for mine too. I play the clarinet, and Bre plays the flute, so we know.


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