Monday, April 6, 2009

Okay, let's all say "WHAT?!?!?!" on the count of three now...

You saw my last post didn't you? (If not go look at the pictures!) You saw Ivy and I in the picture, right? You saw us wearing short sleeve shirts, and Ivy was wearing capris! You saw the green out the window, the sun streaming through, all of that!

Now here is that part where the title comes into play... 2 days ago it was warm, sunny, a nice spring day. Yesterday wasn't too bad either. I wake up this morning to see 2 INCHES OF SNOW! Okay, let's all say "WHAT?!?!?!" on the count of three...

1, 2, 3, "WHAT?!?!?!" Yep, you heard right, we have snow, in April! When it was so nice a few days ago! The unpredictable weather of Michigan really amazes me.

Anyways, of course I was bummed, but I went outside to play around in the snow. It's not the light, powdery snow. It's cold, wet, icy snow. :( Still I went outside, brrrr it was cold!


  1. Cool! At least you get snow! Here in Texas, its a rarity and when it does snow, I'm the first person to point out it's only ice!
    Anyway, you look great in Nellie's coat and I love the hat paired with it! I love the picture of you in the tree....reminds me of Christmas time again *sigh*.
    Enjoy your snow before it melts!


  2. Oui, that's how it was when we got snow the last time. Sunny one day and snowy the next. Les temps sont bizarres, non?


  3. Wow! I've never seen snow before...but you have seen both sunny warm days and snow within just a few weeks?! How funny! ;)
    Love, Jane

  4. Oh wow, snow! The last time it snowed here I was only a couple of weeks old, and my person Bre was still in elementary school. The weather was yucky here today... really windy and a huge dust storm. Weather is so unpredictable.

  5. We have a few inches of snow, too! It's begun to melt, though. What part of Michigan do you live in? We live about a quarter mile south of the Wayne County Airport. It's so much fun when you find another doll that live in the same state as you!

  6. Hi Avery! :)

    I saw you added me on your blog list! Thanks so much! I LOVE your blog and come to it every time I see you updated! :)

    It was flurring here yesterday. It is sunny and pretty today, and looks like 60 degree weather when its really...27 degrees. :(

    I am sorry about your snow. You look wonderful in your coat though! I hope it warms up for you. :)

    Have a Great day! :)



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