Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet Olivia Jaslene Parkington

Meet the newest girl here, Olivia Jaslene Parkington.(she's on the right in the photo) She is a Pre-Mattel Samantha doll. She has beautiful, like new hair, the chubby, cute face of a PM, and long, brown eye lashes. There was a Mattel Samantha already here, so our "Antique Sam" and I have called her, is now Olivia! The Parkington Twins time travel from 1904 to 2009! Time traveling sounds like so much fun :P

Samantha Anneliese Parkington is the oldest of the twins (by 7 minutes). She is basically like the book character Samantha. She is kind, caring, etc. just like the Samantha books. Out of the twins, Sam is the most daring and bold. She is also the most "school smart". People call her Samantha and Sam.

Olivia Jaslene Parkington is the younger twin. She is shy, but likes to try new things and meet new people. She is artsy. Olivia paints and plays the piano. People call her Olivia, Livvy, and Liv.

The twins don't really dress the same, except in their fancy Victorian checkered dresses. They do try to coordinate a little bit. Like today, they both have their hair up. They're wearing an "AG shirt" (Sam has the AGPC and Olivia has *my* JLY meet outfit shirt), shorts (Sam is wearing the skate board outfit blue camo shorts, and Olivia has Nicki's shorts and belt, from the tie top and shorts outfit), and sandals (Sam has Jess's meet outfit flip flops, Olivia has Nicki's sandals from the tip top and shorts outfit).

Even though the twins have barely been here a day, they're already creating mischief! They've been messing around with everyone. Playing pranks, running around, and talking non stop! Just a little while ago, they both walked up to me. They both look almost exactly the same, it's really hard to tell them apart. I hadn't seen them earlier, so I didn't know what they were wearing either. So they both say hi. I say hi back. Then they ask me to tell them which one of them is Olivia, and which one is Samantha. I can't tell them apart, so I said that I didn't know. Then they both got mad and kind of sad, and kept saying that I must not like them much or something. I felt so bad! LOL, then the burst out laughing, and told me it was all a joke.

Since Olivia is new at Mondale, Samantha is showing her around. I hope she likes it here! I'm glad we didn't end up getting rid of her. I'm going to take the poll down now, since we're keeping her. Read my last post, it tells about how we found her and everything.

Well I have to go now, Bye!



  1. Cool! Tell Olivia welcome from us. I hope she has fun at Mondale (ya know, as possible as fun can be at school...:P)
    I LOVE her name, by the way.


  2. I'm glad you kept her! And I'm glad that Olivia has her twin to show her around Mondale, since it's really hard starting at a new school alone. Love the first photo, btw!

  3. I'm glad Olivia gets to stay! She and Sam are getting on well already, I see. That's great! She's very pretty. I'm glad we don't have any twins here.

  4. Is there nothing more adorable than a PM Sam byside a mattel Sam? I am come one! That pic was just the cuteist!


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