Monday, April 20, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Today it rained, A LOT! From the time I went to bed last night (11:00) to right now. I slept good though, the sound of rain really relaxes me, but rain makes me feel kind of depressed and dreary at the same time. I wanted to go outside and splash in the puddles, but the person wouldn't let me :'( Oh well...
I went to school, and I swear it rained the whole time. We were inside for lunch/recess today. I don't like it when we're inside because everyone is crammed into the gym bleachers.
I walked back to my dorm from the official school campus to the dorm area, and got SOAKED! It was pouring! I sprinted back with my room mate Dakota Ulrich. We were giggling the whole time running back. That reminds me of a song...
'Dashing through the rain, on a pair of wet legs
o'er the campus we go, laughing all the way!'
LOL, that was kind of random. I should stop altering Christmas songs now...

Most of today was kind of a 'stay inside and get caught up' day for me. I worked on a lot of homework(Mr. Simone, WHY SO MUCH MATH HOMEWORK?!?!?!), and read some of a book, called The City of Ember. I got it from our school library. Apparently there is a movie based on it too, I didn't know that. I also cleaned up my portion of the room. I should really do that more often, because it took forever to get everything organized!

Ivy came over today too. Ivy is very fashionable, and well, I'm not. :P So she decided to give me a 'high fashion make over'. I'm afraid to post a full body shot, as I think I look ridiculous, so just a head shot for you guys :) I might post a picture later. Ivy and the person are insisting on a photo shoot. If they bug me much longer, I think I'll give in, but green skinny jeans just aren't my thing!

And a quick update on Olivia, for all of you who are wondering: (if you don't know what I'm talking about, read my last two posts, "Another New Sister?!?!?" and "Meet Olivia Jaslene Parkington")

She is doing pretty good from my understanding. She's very artsy, and has quickly moved to one of the top students in art and band class. In art I think her forte is painting. Today I saw a scene she painted of the woods and it was amazing. In band she plays the tenor saxophone, but Samantha said she plays a bunch of other instruments too. She's also joined the lacrosse team. Just by looking at her, I can tell she's sporty. Those PM girls are built like little line backers! She makes me look so scraggly and thin... Anyways, I think she's made a few friends. Samantha's best friend Nellie is hanging out with Olivia a lot, even when Samantha isn't there. Olivia's also been hanging around with a few of the other historical girls here, like Felicity and Ruthie. I guess she can relate to them more.

Talk to you later,



  1. Cute pic!
    Olivia sounds very cool!


  2. We want a new sister so badly, too! It's ridiculous. We're new here...hope you don't mind us commenting.

  3. Hi Avery! I'm Wendy's friend Quinn! I wanna see a full length pic... bet ya look great! And that's SO awesome that Olivia is fitting in well. Being the new girl is so scary!

  4. It's been raining quite a bit here....ooh, wait, I'm in Utah now. I mean, it's been raining quite a bit back home, or so I'm told. Yeah, I'm still getting used to this traveling thing.

    I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who makes up silly songs! My classmates and I love singing silly things in between classes.

    A photo-shoot isn't so bad, Avery. I'd love to see any pictures Ivy and the person take of you.

    I'm glad Olivia is fitting in well. Samantha must be happy to have her twin at school with her.


  5. Olivia sounds real cool! She sounds a bit like this gal Carissa, who's very artistic and into painting.


  6. I can't wait to see the full body photo!


  7. I tried wearing skinny jeans once.They were like TORTURE!It was like I was wearing jeans that were too tight!I REALLY dislike skinny jeans!


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