Saturday, April 4, 2009

I went to Ivy's! And BIG news!

I went to Ivy's today! We are really becoming great friends. I didn't know her hardly at all a few months ago, but now she is like my best friend! She has a dog, Coconut, and a cat, Licorice. They actually get along really well, not like the stereotypical "dogs don't like cats" thing. We had a lot of fun. We walked Coconut around the campus. It is so warm outside, it is like 50 degrees! But tomorrow it is supposed to SNOW. Like 1-3 INCHES of SNOW! :( Anyways, then we came back to her dorm. She shares it with Marisol Luna, Sonali Matthews, Chrissa Maxwell, and Jess McConnell. I feel bad for her, she's stuck with all the Girl of the Year dolls! She doesn't get along with them too good, except maybe Jess. (Speaking of "Marisol Luna" she's the BIG news you'll be reading about in a second!) I had a lot of fun. Being with her pets makes me want a pet too! I think a cat would be easier for me, as it isn't as much work to take care of them.

Ivy is really nice, and we are getting to be great friends!

Now for the BIG news! I will hand this over to my owner for a second to "explain" this...

Ok, hi people! This is Avery's owner, you can call me, uh Max I guess! (don't ask...I'm reading the Maximum Ride books right now!). As of right now, I own 13 dolls. The fictional school which they attend has all of the dolls I have, plus all of the dolls I want. So when Avery says in the next paragraph that we are getting Marisol, it might sound weird since above it says Ivy shares a dorm with her already. It is hard to explain, but I hope you understand... :P Ok, back to Avery:

Well, you probably already know this, since "Max" just came out and told you, but MARISOL IS COMING TO LIVE HERE, well she already is *kinda* here, but that is the weird explaining part above LOL! I'm so excited! "Max" has wanted her forever, and finally has her after saving up for her forever! Here is an ebay auction picture. It is NOT mine, it's the seller's. I will post more pictures of her when she comes. She didn't come in her meet outfit (darn! I wanted to "borrow" it! :P). If anyone has an extra Marisol meet outfit that they wouldn't mind parting with, call me hehe! :P Make sure you vote in the poll in the sidebar for her middle name!

Talk to you later,
_avery, who is LOVING spring break!_
and "Max" who now has a name instead of "the human/my owner", and who is really excited about Marisol!


  1. Sonali S. MatthewsApril 4, 2009 at 6:05 PM

    Hi. This is Sonali. I don't really know how to introduce myself except to say that my owner is Starr. Maybe you know her? I know she visits here a lot. Anyway, way cool about Marisol! She is pretty and did you know that, besides me (some people say I don't count), she is the only Girl of the Year to wear pants in her meet outfit? We are special! ^_^
    And I'm glad that you and Ivy are becoming such good friends. It makes me miss my friend Gwen a lot. I'm glad my friend Chrissa goes to my school, but poor Gwen is still in Edgewater. I am becoming good friends with a girl who I share a dorm with, Mia St. Clair.
    I'm sorry for such a long comment! But I have a lot to say, and I don't have a blog!
    Love from,
    ^Sonali S. Matthews^

    P.S. Who are Max's 13 dolls? Starr only has 5! But I think you know them.........

  2. Hi Sonali,
    Yep, I know Starr and Rose from Rose's blog.
    Wow, about the pants thing! LOL! :P I didn't know that, but know that I think about it you're right. It is kinda weird, because I think "modern" girls wear pants more than skirts and dresses.

    Thanks. I'm glad that you're making some friends. I hear that your and Rose got off on the wrong foot. I hope you can sort things out. I miss a few friends I had in France (I moved from Paris to USA when I was 9), so I know how you feel about Gwen. I hope you still keep in touch!


    Max's dolls are:
    Me :)
    Jozlynn (#26)
    and Marisol

  3. Oooh, that's so cool about Marisol! Bre, my owner, wants her really bad too. If she comes here, I don't even know if I'll be allowed to "know" her at all. =P

    And that's also great that you and Ivy are becoming friends! It's definitely good to have friends nearby. =)

  4. I understand what Max means: Marisol was always there in theory, and now she's going to be there in person! I'm glad Max is happy.

  5. Salut Avery,

    It's so great to know that you and Ivy are becoming friends. I can't say I know an Ivy, but she seems nice from pictures.

    Ooh, Marisol? Let me know how you like her. We don't have a Marisol here, but this girl named Clara looks just like her that it's almost scary. We don't see much of her, though, as she's an 8th grader (unlike the rest of us who range from 5th-7th grade).


  6. Hi Avery!
    Glad to hear you and Ivy are becoming such great friends! I had that problem with Harriet, I think it was a matter of just getting to know her, and now I can safely say she is my best friend.
    As for Marisol, there's a girl here that has that name and kind of looks like your dorm mate, too. She's in eighth grade. I think she's from Chicago and some kind of dance instructor. Hope you and your Marisol can become friends too!


  7. Wendy,
    Hehe LOL I hope if a Marisol comes to your house you'll be able to "know" her!
    I'm love having a friend so close!

    Yay! Someone understands! :P

    Thanks! Ivy is really nice.
    That is scary, maybe they're twins :P

    Thank you! Marisol has lots of twins! :)

    Thanks for commenting everyone,

  8. Maybe Marisol could break a world record of the most amount of sisters. If number #25 doesn't beat her to it...
    Lucky 'Max' getting Mari! And I get what you mean by having two Marisol's but only one real one- I do that, sorta.


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