Friday, April 17, 2009

The weekend, at last! Long, boring post about school

It's the weekend, FINALLY! I thought it would never come. My teachers have been pounding me with homework. History, math, everything! I still have homework over the weekend, but not very much. I just have to finish 1/2 of a math problem set (about 15 problems left to do) and maybe study for a really simple science quiz on Monday. Speaking of school and homework, I guess I will give you guys the whole "shpeel" (I have no idea how to spell this!) on things at school. There isn't anything else going on in my life right now, so whatever! This could be boring though...
I go to Mondale Preparatory Academy For Girls, more commonly known as Mondale, or Mondale Prep. It's named after Walter F. Mondale, Jimmy Carter's VP. Supposedly Walter Mondale suggested to build the school, Jimmy Carter agreed, and they funded everything. Since Mondale is just for girls, there is a boy's school, Alan Academy. They're pretty close to each other, but there are no "mixed" classes with boys and girls, but Alan's campus is pretty close to Mondale's. I'm in 7th grade right now.
I came to Mondale when I was in 4th grade. That is when I moved here from France. I'd been working on my English before then, so I could basically speak English pretty well. I was only 8 or 9 I think... My parents chose Mondale because it had a good record and was an elite boarding school in the country. They only accept 50 students.(NO! My owner DOES NOT have 50 dolls! She just makes up characters.) So I applied, and got in.
At Mondale you have to have the basic core classes. One Math class, one Literature(English Language Arts), one History, one Science. Then you are required to take a Foreign Language, Gym, Health, and one class of your choice. For my class of choice I chose Band. Here is my schedule for the day:
Health or Gym, Mrs. Palmero
AP ELA, Mrs. Bernardo
AP World History-Ms. Mitchelle
AP Science-Mr. Sierza
"C" Lunch
Band-Mr. Denardin
AP Math-Mr. Simone
Foreign Language-Ms. Kowalski
Homeroom-Room #5, Mr. Walker

I'm in a lot of advanced classes. I don't mean to brag, but I'm really proud of myself. I've never gotten less than an "A-" on any report card :)

My first class is with Mrs. Palmero. I DO NOT like her. She teaches Gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then on Tuesday and Thursday we have Health class with her. She always tells me whenever we're running to, "Move that little French butt of yours Voisin!". It gets really old.

Next I have ELA, with Mrs. Bernardo. I'm in AP English, which amazes Mrs. Bernardo because English is my 2nd language. She's super strict, and the one that wouldn't let me make up my book report (I detention for not turning it in, when it fell in a puddle and wasn't my fault)

Then it is World History with Ms. Mitchelle. I'm in AP History. You go to "Basic History" if you're normal level, then World History in the AP level. Ms. Mitchelle is an awesome teacher! I'm so happy I got her. She lets us talk a lot when we have free time. She tells us to call her "Anne", but that is just weird calling teachers by their first names...

Now it's AP Science with Mr. Sierza. He is a cool teacher too! We do a lot of hands on activities. He also teaches a little bit of chemistry and basic physics to us.

Then LUNCH! I have "C" lunch, which is the last lunch of the day. Usually most of the good food is gone :P I have my Lunch hour with Ivy though, which I'm happy about. She's probably one of my best friends.

Next I have Band with Mr. Denardin. He's okay. He's really strict at times, and other times he could really care less about what we're doing. Mr. D. is an amazing musician! I swear he can play every instrument really, really good!

Then is Algebra with Mr. Simone. Usually, in 7th grade, you're in "Math 7/8" which means for 7th grade and slow learners in 8th grade. In 8th grade you go to "Pre-Algebra", then in 9th grade you're in Algebra. I'm super advanced in Math, it's my best subject. The normal AP Math is the 8th grade Pre-Alg, but I tested out of that so now I'm in 9th grade Algebra! There are a few other 7th graders, but not many.

Last, but not least, is my Foreign Language with Ms. Kowalski. I was going to try to take French LOL! :P But I couldn't, so I chose Polish. I don't know why in the world I chose Polish, but I did. I'm doing really bad in this class, well bad for me. I just can't learn a 3rd language. It's taking all I got to speak English and French! With a lot of extra credit and "participation points" I'm hovering around an A-.

My homeroom is Homeroom #5 with Mr. Walker. We just go there every morning for attendance. We're arranged alphabetically. My homeroom includes Dakota Ulrich, me, Addy Walker, Ella Xavier, Lily Xiong, Erin Yeager, Coral Yokinobu, Macy Zeiser, Shelbi Zeiser(Macy and Shelbi are twins), and Ruby Zomar. Alphabetically I'm #41 out of 50 students in the school.

My locker partner is Dakota. We get our locker partners alphabetically too. We have locker #21. Like, the whole 7th grade list is numbered, and student #1 and #2 share locker #1, student #3 and #4 share locker #2, etc. Dakota is nice enough, but we hang out with totally different groups of people. I really envy her though, because she has gorgeous red hair (she's a JLY #5)

Since I go to boarding school, all the students have dorms. I'm in dorm 9-3714U-X. It means we are the 9th dorm of 10, with the first person alphabetically in our group of 5's student ID, then U-X which are our last names. There are 5 of us, Dakota Ulrich (my locker partner), me, Addy Walker, Ella Xavier, and Lily Xiong. Since basically everything is alphabetical at Mondale, Dakota and I share a bunk bed, so do Addy and Ella, and Lily gets the single bed. I'm not really great friends with any of my room mates, but I'm the closest friends with Dakota and Addy. We all hang out with totally different groups though.
Next is the dreaded "Private School Uniform". Our school color is burgundy, so we have a burgundy plaid skirt(my owner says that it is from the Petals and Plaid outfit). Then we have a white polo(non-AG) with a white cardigan(Emily's accessories Cardigan). We have white socks(non-AG, my owner is trying to find burgundy knee highs!) and black Mary Jane's(lots of different shoes could work, but I wear the one's from Nellie's meet outfit).

Well I was super bored, so that's why I typed so much useless information in this post. Long, boring text and no picture, what a bore! Talk about a "My Life at Mondale 101" post! LOL! If you read it all, I applaud you. I just wrote it, but I haven't read the whole thing :P I didn't mean to brag so much about my AP classes, I think I got a little carried away...sorry!



  1. I read it all! It was pretty interesting, though, not too boring!

    ~Rose (signed in as Starr)

  2. It's interesting to find out about other people's school situations. I'm looking into a boarding school, myself, for 7th grade. There are a couple options, nothing definite though.


  3. and I thought you were homeschooled!...That's cool that you and Ivy are such good friends. It's GREAT to have a bff!!!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. I didn't have much to post about, but now I do! A "new arrival"!


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