Saturday, April 25, 2009


AHHHH!!!!!!! There is a severe thunder storm warning and possibly a tornado! We NEVER get tornadoes in Michigan, so this is really scary!

Today was really warm, about 80 degrees! It was a lot cooler a few days ago, so a major temperature change. I was outside when the siren went off. It was the emergency alarm siren!!! People didn't know if they were just testing it or what, because it was nice and sunny, and nothing seemed wrong. I was scared out of my wind, because it had been so nice, then started pouring down rain, thundering, and lightning all over the place. When they emergency siren goes off we're all supposed to report to the gym, so I was running outside through all the rain and lightning trying to get there. I had to run from outside my dorm to the actual school campus, which is pretty far. The power also went out, for like an hour. The principal said that there were severe thunder storm warnings and a possibility of 80 mph winds! Our power went out because an electrical line came down.

I'm back in my dorm now. It's still pouring, and there are a few thunders, but otherwise everything is back to normal. I'm pretty freaked out though! The satellite (for TV) keeps losing its signal, and my room mates are all screaming, "WHAT?!?!? Of course we had to loose the signal NOW!" Apparently the reality show they're watching is pretty important...

WOW! A big boom of thunder just went through. I don't like storms!



  1. Oh no, Avery! That sounds a little scary... Stay safe indoors!

  2. I am unlike you in this respect...I LOVE storms! If you don't want yours, send it down to Texas! We'd welcome it gladly (we're kind of in a drought).
    It was really hot today here, too, but it's cooled off this evening.
    I hope it doesn't tornado there, though, that'd be bad.
    Stay safe!

    ~Starr (Rose is at camp)

  3. Fortunately, the storms missed us by a few miles, and we didn't even get any rain! But I'm sorry you had to go through what you did, Avery.


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