Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! I'm 1/2 Christian, 1/2 Jewish so I celebrate both Easter and Passover. It is sad not to be with my family, but my owner chose 4 of us dolls to get dressed up in Spring Time clothes! They're not really the typical "Easter Dresses", but I think we all look pretty! I'm wearing the new Hearts Dress. I love the color, it goes good with my dark hair! I was wearing what Nicki was wearing, but we thought that it would look better if we switched. Nicki is wearing the dress and shoes from the Sapphire Party Outfit. Also, Marisol got dressed up! She is in the retired Flower Garden dress. It looks great on her, because her skin is darker and goes with the brown in the dress. Last but not least is Mia! She is wearing Emily's meet outfit dress with Kit's meet outfit shoes. She looks great! We were chosen to dress up because we go so good together :) We have all different eye colors and hair colors.

We also got to color eggs! It was so much fun! I liked making the purple ones. I think they turned out pretty good. We have lots of different colors. Tomorrow we are going to hide them! Then after wards we are going to take the shells off and make egg salad sandwiches, YUM! :) A lot of people don't like egg salad sandwiches, but I LOVE them!
Have a Happy Eater/Passover everyone!


  1. Joyeux Pâques! Joyeux Pâques Juive! You girls look beautiful.


  2. Yes, Happy Passover! =) Also, you look very pretty in the Heart dress!

  3. Happy Easter/Passover!
    I (Sonali) am dressed in the exact same dress as Marisol! What a coincedence! Starr thinks it goes best with dolls with darker complexions, like us. I agree :)
    We are all dressed in Easter/spring dresses and we are having an egg-hunt later today! I can't wait!
    The Easter Bunny brought us lots of goodies (I got the Pez :D). We'll post pictures later today!
    Happy Easter/Passover/Spring!


  4. Oops, I forgot to say exactly who I am. Starr is making me say "Sonali & Starr" or something because she says there are a lot of other Sonali's out there...Weird....Anyway, I am Sonali of Rose's are Read blog, just so you know! :)

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments!
    Happy Easter and Passover to everyone!

    I figured you were Starr's, since I just looked at your album! :)

  6. How Great you look!

    I like your new dress, as well as the sapphire sparkle!


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