Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Marisol is here!

Marisol is here! She arrived this afternoon. Max says that she isn't in the greatest condition. Her hair is dry and has lost a lot of its curl, she kind of has a sticky eye, and she has a mark on her foot. I can tell Max loves her a lot though. Tonight is a "spa night" where Max is going to do a bunch stuff to Marisol to fix her hair. Something like a "Downy Dunk"? Whatever that is...

She seems nice enough, but I've barely even said 2 words to her. She came in and everyone was gathered around and I said "Hi Marisol!" She said hi back, but we haven't spoken since. She was swept up in a big girl of the year rush. Right now she's hanging out with Jess and Nicki. Marisol is so popular I can't believe it! She's been surrounded by people, well dolls, all day! Both Max and I know she came from ebay where no one wanted her anyone more and now she's living with us, but Marisol says that she moved here from Chicago( or somewhere around there) and came to Mondale (our boarding school) because it has a dance program and her old school didn't, and spring break was the perfect time to move. She's a dancer, ballet I think. And she has a cat named Rascal. That's basically all I know...

But wow! Marisol is so pretty! Even with all her "imperfections" as Max calls them (aka dry, not curly hair, sticky eye, and mark on her foot) she is gorgeous! I can only imagine what she'll look like when she is fixed up!

I'm slightly mad at her. Well not really at her, but at Max. Marisol came in a really ugly non-AG hand sewn outfit and had no other clothes. (she thinks she has suitcases with clothes, but MAx and I know she came from ebay with nothing, well this is confusing...) So Max goes into my closet and takes my Sapphire Party Outfit and my jeans and gives them to Marisol to wear. She does look really nice though, I just hope she gives them back! Or lets me borrow her meet outfit (that Max wants to get on Ebay, but Marisol says she has in her suitcases)

Here are a few pictures of her:

Talk to you later,


  1. Oh, she is pretty! I hope the spa thing goes well and that you and Marisol get along well. She does seem like the popular type of doll, but then again new dolls always attract a lot of attention :D


  2. Rose,
    She is really pretty :)
    Yeah, new doll always get a lot of attention for a while, until the newness wears off.

  3. Oh Avery, you shouldn't mind Marisol borrowing your clothes. Friends are supposed to share, but then I'm saying that because I borrow clothes a lot myself. ;) I love Lindsey's On the Go outfit, for example, even if Lindsey hates me for borrowing it. 'Sides most of Marisol's clothes are dance things--even a dancer isn't going to want to wear tights for all hours of the day!

    BTW, Laura says that if you to restore Marisol's hair without actually using curlers you can always put her hair up in a ballet bun and leave it for several weeks. Taking it out results in her hair being curly all over again. Laura has brushed Clara's hair straight before, but her hair is still awfully curly, thanks to updos and things like that.

  4. I bet Marisol will give your clothes back once she gets some of her own. She is probably scared being in a new place without the suitcases she seems to be expecting! It is hard when you are sort of forced to share your stuff, though. I hope she is nice to you!

  5. She's beautiful! I hope you become friends!

  6. She's very pretty! Definitely reminds me of the eighth grade girl we have here who has the same name. Her hair is long and gorgeous, I'm jealous! Hopefully you two can get along!


  7. She is very pretty! I hope the spa deal goes well. I'm from eBay too *shudder* so Bre did all that to me when I got here. I hope she gives your clothes back... but sharing clothes can be kinda fun! I hope you get to know her better, and maybe she's really cool. =)

  8. Thanks for the comments everybody!

  9. She is beautiful!! I think she looks so beautiful with or without the spa ;)


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