Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another new sister?!?!?

My owner found a Samantha at an Antique Mall! She came with her meet outfit and Nightgown/Robe/Slippers. She is in amazing condition. Her hair feels like brand new. My owner says that Antique Sam might be PM. She was really cheap, only $15 for everything!

I can't believe it, another new sister! We might not end up keeping her though, since there is already a Sam here. My owner might sell the one we found today. Since Sam is archived, she could get a decent amount of money for her if she sold her on Ebay or something. If she does sell her, she might get a #11 or get Marisol a new head.(recurling poor Mari's hair isn't going to well...) If we do keep Antique Sam, she wouldn't stay Samantha. We would make a new character for her. I want a Russian immigrant, but I'm not sure what we will end up doing. I'm all for a new sister though, even though we JUST got Marisol.
"Antique Sam" as I've been calling her, is very shy. I think she was a bit scared with all the other dolls in the "Doll Room" at the antique mall. She's barely even said anything. She just got washed down though, because she had some surface dirt. I think that is the reason she fell over. She was so nervous and shy her knees gave out! My owner keeps saying that she has 'floppy legs' and the need to be 'restrung'. I really think she was just overwhelmed though, but whatever, nobody listens to me.
Vote on the poll please, whether we should keep her or not.


  1. I voted for you guys to keep her! She's so pretty and I bet she really needs some love after being abandoned at the antique store. :-( Though if she doesn't fit in, you could always find her a new home later.

  2. I think she should stay, too. The poor thing has been abandoned once before...

  3. OH. MY.; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!! KEEP HER KEEP HER!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!! How could you NOT keep her! That's so weird! Hallie got Mara at an antique store!! We're just SO lucky!!

  4. She is very pretty! A Samantha lives here, and she's a lot of fun. I voted to keep her for now and see what happens.


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