Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cartoon Avery and Ivy (idea from Anna Lee's LJ!)

I was reading my friend Anna Lee's Live Journal (, and she posted pictures of how she made herself into a 'cartoon'. All credit to her for this idea!

She gave a website where you make these, so I went and made a cartoon Avery and a cartoon Ivy! It was so fun. I made mine with a peace sign, hehe! :P
Do you think it looks like us?
PS: Look at my Earth Day post below!


  1. Cute!! They don't look exactly like you, but I can tell who's who. They are really cool!

  2. Thanks!
    I think Ivy looks more like herself than I do.

  3. Avery, those turned out so cute! I definitely see a resemblance to you and Ivy. Weren't they so fun to make? That site is addicting! :-)

  4. awesome! those are so cute!!! :P

  5. Cool! You inspired me to do the same; if you want to see the results go to my blog. :)


  6. Those are cool and cute! Definitely resemble the two of you! I might make one... looks fun. =)


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