Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, My, Gosh! Detention!

I want to scream my head off right now. I really do! I am in SO much trouble, it isn't even funny. It has been rainy a lot around here, and in my experience, lots of rain creates lots of big, muddy puddles. Well, a book report that I've been slaving on for almost 2 weeks was in my folder, which I was carrying, when I went walked up to the front school door. The paper slid out of my folder (don't ask me how), blew away, and fell in a puddle! It was beyong being saved, totally soaked and smeared. I tried to explain this to my English teacher. Haha, do you think she bought it? Nope! I got an F( a zero percent!) on that paper, which was worth a big chunk of my grade. And of course, my teacher won't let me make it up either, not even for 1/2 credit. And plus 3 days of detention! Aren't I lucky? I'm really freaking out! I served 1 day detention today, and I have the other 2 detentions tomorrow and Friday for 2 hours each night. You basically just sit there. You can't do homework or anything, and a teacher lectures you about what you did wrong on, and on, then you sit in total silence. It is so boring!

These are my first detentions! I'm so sad... my permanent record is ruined! :P

Once I got home from detention I actually cried. One of my room mates, Addy Walked, really comforted me. She is sweet, but I haven't gotten to know her much. She has her group, and I have mine... anyways, the teacher just sat there, yelling at me for something that wasn't even my fault! He was like "Ms. Voisin, this is unacceptable! Ms. Voisin you know that here at Mondale Preparatory Academy for Girls we expect, and demand, that all work be turned in on time, and that every paper will be done to your best ability. Ms. Voisin, I hope you understand that not turning in any kind of an assignment is irresponsible. Ms. Voisin, I am very disappointed in you! Ms. Vosin, you need to get off your high horse and realize that you are not better than everyone else. Ms. Voisin stop being so full of yourself, you are not better than everyone else and will turn in assignments just like your classmates." Etc, I won't go on. It was super annoying, since he kept putting "Ms. Voisin" in front of every sentence, and didn't even say my last name right! :P I was about ready to say, "Mr. Carmello, I bet you're going to think this is 'disrespectful' and and 'very inappropriate' but you can take your little lecture and shove it!" I didn't though, luckily for I would have been toast.

I'm really sad now. I have 2 hours of this tomorrow and Friday to look forward to.
On a better note, the poll has ended, and 70% of you like the new layout, which is a good enough chunk for me to keep it! I like it, and I'm glad you guys do too. I was getting tired of pink! I'll update you on tomorrow on detention.


  1. Aww, I'm sorry Avery! That isn't fair. Teachers are never very understanding. I know all about detention... I'm no stranger to it, lol. At our school we have lunchtime detention or after school detention. After school detention is usually only for when you get into fights or something really bad. At lunchtime detention, we go to the counselor's office (which is a classroom) with our lunches and have to eat in no more than 15 minutes. The rest of the time is spent listening to lectures on self-reliance and responsibility and filing out worksheets about what we've learned. A big bore.

    Hang in there, Avery! Maybe you'll be able to do extra credit or something later.

  2. Wow. That does sound anoyying. Anyway, you know what happend and that's all that matters you where telling the truth. That's what matters. Hope this helps!!


  3. Oh Avery! I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I could invite you over but........:(

  4. ps. This is Mia from

  5. Wendy,
    Thanks so much! Your school's detention sounds boring too. I really wish I would have gotten the other English teacher. She is super cool. One of my friends has her, and she says you can be like 5 minutes late without being marked tardy, have talk/free time at the end of class, and hand in papers for full credit 2 days late. No fair!

    Thank you, it does help. You're right, as long as I know what happened, it doesn't really matter!

    Thanks! :)

  6. Ugh, detention, that sucks. (I hope you don't find that word offense....I was gonna say "reeks" but that sounded weird....)I'm a suck-up to teachers, so I've never gotten a detention. Wait, that isn't true. Last semester, I got in trouble for talking in Social Studies, but then again, like 10 other people did too. So, I wasn't alone. Anyway, I hope there's something you can do to make it up, somehow, that's too bad about your book report :(
    So, you have my sympathy!

    ~Rose, dah-ling! (lol, I just felt like adding that!)


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