About The Writers

Voisin, Avery-Marie "Avery": The book-smart Parisian blogger who brings you Avery-Here.
Avery is a somewhat shy person who is known as the brainy girl at school. She is very intelligent for her age, and enjoys many subjects, including science, math, and writing. She is originally from France, but moved to the USA for her schooling and is currently attending Rosenbrock Academy.

"D., Brooke": The brains behind the operation.
M., more commonly known by her pseudonym Brooke (it was the name of her very first doll she got as a child, which is why she used it), is a girl between the ages of seven and ninety-two, who enjoys photography, history, art, animals, culture, reading, school, sports, film-making, and fashion design, though she isn't very fashionable herself. She is the owner of Avery and the other dolls you may see featured on the blog and the creator of the personalities, stories, and the fictional town of Yorkshire And no, she does not look like a cat. You may or may not ever see a picture of her.

Other: The various other girls that may post on the blog occasionally.

Mondale Preparatory Academy is home to many students, some of which may post here.