Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm better!

I'm not sick anymore! And lets just say, Julie is taken care of! Haha!

My sister(the new #26) has a new name, Callie-Dakota. It is shorter! :P You can just call her Callie, or Dakota, whatever! She dressed up in the Scarlet and Snow Outfit last night, she looks so pretty don't you think?

Monday, January 12, 2009


Julie. Albright. Is. A. Dead. Doll. Walking.
I'll get you, you'll see. You just wait. You, Miss Albright, better learn to sleep with your EYES OPEN. I'm coming, and I may not come when you are expecting it. BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID. My suggestion is run, but oh you cannot hide from me!

I'm better now :P

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Avery-Marie is sick, so Julie here!

Hi everybody! Sadly Avery-Marie(I love calling her this! It gets on her nerves so much!), is sick, and I am the nicest sister (remember that)Bold, so I stepped in to keep her blog going for her while she is sick! But shhhhhhhh! She doesn't know I'm the one doing it yet, and most likely, she would be mad if she knew that I was updating her blog. So maybe we all should keep this on the down low, if you know what I mean ;) You wouldn't want me to get in trouble would you? Look at my angelic face! You wouldn't want that to get yelled at by a certain #25 would you? Hmmmm? Well if you say yes, get off this blog, you're not nice! :P

Well here I am, on Avery-Marie's blog! It was quite simple to hack her really, she has the user name and password written in her notebook, how stupid is that!?!

Now I will take you into Avery's room! These are TOP SECRET photos! She has never posted any photos of her room, and now I will! MWA HA HA!!!! *clears throat* I mean "hehehe!"
Little Miss Avery-Marie is definitely going to be mad that I took pictures of her sleeping! and of her so called "messy, horrible room" and taking a picture of her when she is sick and all nasty looking! But that's the whole point! :)
Without further ado...

AVERY-MARIE'S ROOM! (with her sleeping with her stuffed animals!!!! :P ) Sorry its dark, I didn't want to wake her. Avery-Marie can kick some serious butt, even when she is sick!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Home!

I'm back, with two new sisters in tow!

Meet "#26".

We are still working on a name for her! Her are possible names for her






And meet Sonali!
Here is an album from AGPC!