Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm better!

I'm not sick anymore! And lets just say, Julie is taken care of! Haha!

My sister(the new #26) has a new name, Callie-Dakota. It is shorter! :P You can just call her Callie, or Dakota, whatever! She dressed up in the Scarlet and Snow Outfit last night, she looks so pretty don't you think?


  1. Hi Callie! I like that name... and Dakota is cool too. =) And that outfit looks great on her! Plus, I'm really glad you're feeling better!!

  2. Hi Wendy! She says thank you!

    Thanks. :)

    -Avery V.

  3. Callie looks beautiful in that dress! Her curls are sooo pretty!!!
    Love, Jane

  4. How adorable your sis looks!
    I'm super glad you're back blogging!


    12 oldfashiondolls

  5. Glad to hear you're better! And Callie looks sweet in red.

  6. Thanks everybody! Callie says thank you too! Which by the way... the human changed her name, AGAIN, to Jozlynn!


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