Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Home!

I'm back, with two new sisters in tow!

Meet "#26".

We are still working on a name for her! Her are possible names for her






And meet Sonali!
Here is an album from AGPC!


  1. Hello Avery! Your new sister's are beautiful! <3 I can't wait to get to know them better! ^_^ And thank you for the album! I love seeing picture's of AGP. Tell your new sister's I said "'Ello!"
    Love, Jane

  2. Jane,

    Here are my sisters, they would like to talk to you:

    Hi Jane! Its Sonali and "#26"! We hope that we can become good friends with you!


    -Avery, Sonali, and "#26" *

    *She really needs a name!

  3. Hi Avery and Sonali! Your new sisters are both beautiful! (I think the nameless one would be a great Sierra!) And btw, thanks for the comic cover! I would totally read it if it was a real book. XD

  4. Hi Avery -- your sisters are both beautiful! Did you have fun in Chicago?

  5. Wendy,
    Hi! Thanks! Momma is still looking for #26's perfect name, but I think shes leaning toward Sierra and Erin.
    Your Welcome :P Glad you liked it!

    Thanks! And yes I did! It was amazing! That city is so big. :) My favorite part was seeing "Sue" the T.Rex at the Field Museum, and obviously AGPC!


  6. Hi Avery! Your new sisters are really lovely!

    I think #26 looks like a Dakota. Sierra's nice, too, but Laura and I both like Dakota more.

  7. Sophie,

    For #26 we are considering Dakota, Sierra, and Erin! Hopefully she'll have a name by tonight!


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