Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rosenbrock Academy Orientation

I accepted the invitation to visit Rosenbrock for an orientation, meeting teachers, students, and looking around the campus. I went this Friday (5/28/10) and it actually went very well! I was shown around by Emma Adani, eighth grade student council president, Katie Kennedy, president of the Nation Junior Honor Society Rosenbrock Chapter, and Elle Sanders, president of Student Activities committee. The assistant principal, Miss Finley, also accompanied us on the tour.

Emma Adani

Emma: president of Rosenbrock's student council, and possibly the United States some day. She truly is the 'go-to' kind of girl, very loyal and reliable. From spending the day with her, I could tell she's very organized and on top of things all of the time. Emma is very helpful and gave me a lot of tips if I ended up coming to Rosenbrock. She loves to help out where ever she can and is very involved in the school and its many organizations and activities.

Katherine "Katie" Kennedy

Katie: president of NJHS and one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met. She has a very happy demeanor and is extremely friendly. Katie talks a lot and is great at getting people into conversation. Even though we were basically complete strangers, she made me feel like I was her best friend.

Hazelle "Elle" Sanders

Elle: president of the Student Activities committee, and though not as personable and charismatic as Katie, she really knows how to handle things well. Elle's in charge of everything from sports teams, to the school paper, to the various clubs. She is bluntly honest and tells it like it is. Elle isn't quite mean, but doesn't sugar-coat anything. The truth hurts, I supposed, and she warned me of a few things at Rosenbrock.

Miss Jane Finley

Miss Finley: assistant principal at Rosenbrock and one of those teachers that are strict, yet nice. She doesn't tolerate nonsense, but is very nice if you stay on her good side. She taught English for twenty years before coming to her current position. She cares a lot about her students and wants the best for them.

Avery-Marie "Avery" Voisin

Avery: also known as me, the potential, brainy, new girl. After seeing Rosenbrock, I'm really not sure what to think. Mondale's still great... but things here aren't half bad, either.

Still thinking,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rosenbrock Orientation

As stated in my previous post, I got an invitation to attend a new boarding school, called Rosenbrock, next year. They sent out an additional letter last Wednesday, saying that I could have an orientation Friday while school is still in session and meet some teaches, classmates, and see the building before making my decision.

The said the 8th grade student council class president, Emma Adani will be showing me around, along with Katherine Kennedy, president of the National Junior Honor Society, and Hazelle Sanders, president of the Student Activities committee.

I'm still not sure what I'm going to choose. Rosenbrock seems so nice, but all my friends are here at Mondale.

(sorry for the lack of posts)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Letter For Avery

Mondale Preparatory Academy For Girls
c/o Avery-Marie V. Voisin: Dorm 12A
4597 Holland Lane
Yorkshire, MI 49123

Miss Voisin,
Officials in attendance at Mondale's annual eighth grade science fair were highly impressed by your experiment and research on the Leidenfrost Effect and your award of first place. Upon further investigation, we spoke to your counselor, Miss Jennifer Neil, who, legally, gave us a bit of information on you. We also were in contact with a few of your teachers, who spoke very highly of you, Avery.

With your outstanding academic performance and grade point average, not to mention your activity in the school band program, student council, soccer team, and Nation Junior Honor Society, we would like to cordially invite you to attend Rosenbrock Academy for your ninth grade year.

Rosenbrock is also a boarding school only about twenty miles from Mondale. It is an advanced academy for the academically gifted. We would be honored to have you attend on a full ride scholarship. Rosenbrock can challenge your mind, extend your learning, and help you to be the best that you can be.

Rosenbrock has an excellent mathematics and science department headed by Dr. Terry M. Gold, a graduate of the University of Michigan. There is also an English and Literature program, headed by Miss Nancy J. Simonds, of the University of Phoenix, and a History department lead by the Mr. Jason L. Douglas. Our music program has been recognized nationally for our streak of Division One's at competitions, and the conductor, Mr. Dylan W. Lolan, of Western University, has been in the field for over twenty-five years. There are many successful sport organizations, art and foreign language classes, clubs, and other student activities.

We have much to offer here, and would love for you to consider our offer. Please be in contact, and we can sort this out with yourself and family members.
-James K. Palmers (5/16/10)

Avery here, and I know not what to say. This letter arrived this morning. Could I be leaving Mondale...for good?

*The address and names in the post are completely fictional, and not meant to represent any real places or people. If, by chance, they are accurate, it is by pure coincidence. The names of the Universities, however, are not fictional, but the graduates are not meant to signify any real people.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring Time

A glance outside from the window, you see partial sun, green grass, seemingly nice weather. Step outside, and there's fifteen mile per hour winds, a temperature of forty degrees, and foreboding, dark rain clouds in the distance. Are you sure it's spring?

The dolls had been dying to get outside, so I had scheduled a "spring party" outdoors with the new picnic table this weekend. Unfortunately, on the account of rain, the spring party was transferred indoors. Though inside, Sonali, Gwen, Nicki, Emily, Marisol, Ruthie, Mia, and Jess still had a good time. They talked, ate cookies, and played games. The silly girls even began singing! :P

It figures that the rain stopped as soon as the party was coming to a close. Either way, I wasn't complaining. Everyone quickly headed outside to splash in puddles and pose for some photos.

You can see all the spring photos here. The pictures included in the post are just a teaser :)
-Ruthie Smithens: Electric Turquoise Drawstring Dress by The Heritage Clothesline
-Nicki Fleming: Eyelet Spring Dress by The Heritage Clothesline
-Jess McConnell: Precious Pink Party Dress by Melody Valerie Couture
-Sonali Matthews: Dainty Dots Dress by Melody Valerie Couture
-Gwen Thompson: Chrissa's Meet Dress by American Girl
-Emily Bennett: Kit's Blue Bell Dress by The Heritage Clothesline
-Marisol Luna: Flower Garden Dress by American Girl
-Mia St. Clair: Chrissa's Sundress Dress paired with Sonali's Meet T-Shirt by American Girl

As you may or may not notice, we have two new dresses from the Heritage Clothesline. Micah does an amazing job, the quality, customer service, and price are great. The Electric Turquoise Drawstring dress is shown on Ruthie, and the Eyelet Spring dress is shown on Nicki. A big thank-you to The Heritage Clothesline!

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sorry for not posting

Sorry for being absent lately, I haven't updated in over a week! D:
Just wanted to drop by and let you all know that I'm still alive.
There should be pictures coming soon, I promise!