Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring Time

A glance outside from the window, you see partial sun, green grass, seemingly nice weather. Step outside, and there's fifteen mile per hour winds, a temperature of forty degrees, and foreboding, dark rain clouds in the distance. Are you sure it's spring?

The dolls had been dying to get outside, so I had scheduled a "spring party" outdoors with the new picnic table this weekend. Unfortunately, on the account of rain, the spring party was transferred indoors. Though inside, Sonali, Gwen, Nicki, Emily, Marisol, Ruthie, Mia, and Jess still had a good time. They talked, ate cookies, and played games. The silly girls even began singing! :P

It figures that the rain stopped as soon as the party was coming to a close. Either way, I wasn't complaining. Everyone quickly headed outside to splash in puddles and pose for some photos.

You can see all the spring photos here. The pictures included in the post are just a teaser :)
-Ruthie Smithens: Electric Turquoise Drawstring Dress by The Heritage Clothesline
-Nicki Fleming: Eyelet Spring Dress by The Heritage Clothesline
-Jess McConnell: Precious Pink Party Dress by Melody Valerie Couture
-Sonali Matthews: Dainty Dots Dress by Melody Valerie Couture
-Gwen Thompson: Chrissa's Meet Dress by American Girl
-Emily Bennett: Kit's Blue Bell Dress by The Heritage Clothesline
-Marisol Luna: Flower Garden Dress by American Girl
-Mia St. Clair: Chrissa's Sundress Dress paired with Sonali's Meet T-Shirt by American Girl

As you may or may not notice, we have two new dresses from the Heritage Clothesline. Micah does an amazing job, the quality, customer service, and price are great. The Electric Turquoise Drawstring dress is shown on Ruthie, and the Eyelet Spring dress is shown on Nicki. A big thank-you to The Heritage Clothesline!

Thanks for reading,


  1. I definitely love The Heritage Clothesline - I hope I can ask for one of their outfits in the future. :)


  2. Beautiful dresses! Micah is such a lovely seamstress. :)


  3. Everyone looks fantastic and like they are having a wonderful time!

  4. What a cute post! I loved all the pictures! The dresses are gorgeous, too! :)

    -Jess & Lexii

  5. What gorgeous dolls, outfits, and pictures. What really stood out though was Gwen wearing Chrissa's meet dress. That's what I put my Gwen in a few hours before you posted this :P

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Nicki and Ruthie look very pretty in their dresses, too. It's been raining a lot here too. In fact, it's raing right now.. oh well. Happy Springtime! :P

  7. Lovely pictures, and you all look so nice in your dresses!

  8. Gorgeous photos and dresses! The love the Heritage Clothesline! :)



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