Monday, February 2, 2009

An update, FINALLY!

Do I look shiny to you? :P

Sorry I haven't updated in like forever, I've been so busy with school! This is my schedule for just today! I have way too many reports to do! And by the way, have you noticed that I put a lot if things in bold, and italics? LOL I'll stop bolding and italicising(spellling?) words now...

-1st hour Health- Write a 3+ page report on the human brain and how it works.

-2nd hour ELA- Read a novel of your choice (at least 200 pages) and write a 5 page book report on it. Read short story and finish vocabulary and short answer work sheets.

-3rd hour Social Studies/World History- Pick an European country and write a report on their Histoy, Art, Religion, Daily Life, Language, Economy, Government, and Social Groups. Learn at least 1/2 of your report in your country's language. I chose Poland for my country, so Katarzyna Dzylaski can help me(she is my sister who was born is Polish!). Read chapters 14-18 in text book and define all vocabulary words.

-4th hour Science- Read chapter 21 and finish worksheet. Finish diagrams of a animal and plant cell.

-5th hour Orchestra/Band- Practice for concert for 1 hour. Test on latin music terms.

-6th hour Algebra- Finish algebra lessons 60-65 (these are 30 questions each lesson :o )

After school:
-Practice bass clarinet for orchestra/band
-Go to Marisol's(Marisol Luna, my sister who is an amazing dancer!) ballet rehearsal, since I am part of the music for their show(I'm playing my bass clarinet with about 10 other people and we are the music for the recital!)
-Practice speaking in Polish with Katty (My nickname for Katarzyna)
-Finish the rest of my homework
-Help Jess, Bailee, and Samantha(Jess McConnell, Bailee Endicott, and Samantha Parkington, my sisters) cook dinner.
-Get on computer to update blog!!!!!!!! (this is what I'm doing right now!)
-Read 75+ pages of my novel (Fever 1793, my sister Mattie Cook is the main character and she has agreed to do, I mean help, with my book report, since well she lived it!)
-Eat my nightly oreo cookie and glass of chocolate milk

Lunar(Chinese) New Year was on January 26th, and Ivy and Jess celebrated!

They look so pretty!

And guess what?!?!?!?!?!?
The sisters and I got our sale order a few days ago with the
-STAGE (so cool! I'll post pictures later!)
-I Like Your Style Outfit (Nicki Fleming, my sister, look sooooo pretty in this!)
-Ruby Ballet Outfit (Marisol and Sonali have officially "claimed" this. It is really pretty! They said I could have the necklace :] )
I'll post pictures of all the new stuff on my next update!

Avery was here, but now I'm off to read and eat oreos (milk's favorite cookie!)
Au revoir, which is French for good bye!

Your favorite #25,
_Avery V._


  1. Wow, you really have been busy. Sometimes it seems like they give us too much to do, but it helps if we take it all in smaller portions. Like, tomorrow, for example, I have my classes, yearbook and newspaper staff meetings, student council meetings, and then have to come home to do my homework. And then sometimes I come on here to check my email or do my blog, and I'm on the phone, and then if I have to go somewhere I have to do that, and then go to bed. My bedtime is 10 at night but most nights I get to bed much later.

  2. Sounds like you've been busy! I know the feeling, especially since we've been having extra math homework in preparation for the state wide standards tests. With band practice and GS meetings, there have been some days I've been plain exhausted! Good luck with all your school work, and I can't wait to see your new goodies! =)

  3. Haley,
    Yeah, I'm just glad I have the week to do most of my reports!

    You're busy too! And LOL I know what you mean, I'm supposed to be in bed at 9, but I usually don't get to bed before 11!

    Uh, I hate those state-wide tests. Here we have the MEAP, which is like Michigan Education Assessment Program or something like that. We have it in Math, Science/Social Studies (it's different every year), AND English! We get pounded with homework!

    That is cool that your in GS, which means Girl Scouts right? I was in Girl Scouts for a while, it was fun!

    You're in band too? What do you play? If I remember, isn't it clarinet? If I'm right, we should do a bass clarinet-clarinet duet :P

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Hey! I love your blog! It sounds like you have a lot of work. I'm glad I don't have that much homework. I love the picture of Jess & Ivy, by the way.

    ~Rose, another doll (JLY # 2)

  5. Rose,
    Thanks! LOL You're lucky aboutnot having too much homework! I'm just glad I have til Friday to finish most of this stuff.

    Jess and Ivy say thanks!

    _Avery V._

  6. BTW, thanks for adding my blog to your blog list! I added your blog to my list of good websites and blogs too!


  7. On the poll, Mia was on earlier and voted for herself. I am going to see if I can vote, too. (Thanks a lot, Mia!)If I can, I'll be for Sonali. (Not that I don't love you Mia, in an un-creepy way!)


  8. Dang it, Mia!!! I can't vote now! I will on another computer, later.


  9. Hi I like your blog! yah I have some shhool but not as much as you!
    Sandy A + Nicki A
    + Jenna

  10. Rose,
    LOL! Bad Mia! I The reason you can't is when you make the poll there is a box you check that lets people vote more, and I didn't click it!



  11. Salut Avery,

    You do sound busy! But when you feel overwhelmed, think of the work you'd have in over there is really difficult, remember? I mean, at least in comparison to American curriculum.

    Shiny? I must say that I'm a bit shiny, too. It just doesn't seem to go away, kind of like human acne. ;)

    Hmm, my favorite LE? Mia, I guess. My friend Nathalie looks just like her, and *she* is very nice...unlike Lindsey. My teacher would vote Lindsey as her favorite LE, but I don't think I will.

  12. Sophie,
    Hi! Yeah, school is definately a lot harder over there!

    Haha! My human has been trying to get rid of it for about a month now, but it isn't really working. I don't think the flash on the camera helped much either :P

    I read one of your posts about Nathalie on your blog, she does sound nice. She looks practically identical to Mia! Maybe they're long lost sisters, FREAKY!

    _avery v_

  13. Sorry to post this a month late, but I just wanted to say that I agree with your comment about Nicki looking good in the Like Your Style outfit. I think my sister Nicki looks better in it than I do, and it's my outfit!


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