Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello People!

Sorry for not posting much! Guess what? Our human is making a "special AG jounal" (a composition notebook*those marbled black and white ones* that is decorated with fancy scrapbook paper, etc.) where she will write all about us. Our names, personalities, birthdays, and other stuff. She's also going to write her *gasp!* wish lists in there! I'll get a picture of the final product, it should be finished tonight :)



  1. Hi! I meant to comment yesterday, but it wouldn't let me :(
    Anyway, that's a cool idea. Starr likes to have everything in one place, too, but its harder than she thinks. Her room is pretty messy. She has our profiles on a different website than our blog.
    Have fun!


  2. Wendy,
    =) I know!

    Haha LOL!

    I've been having trouble commenting too. The code won't load.

    My human likes to have everything in one place. I have sooooo many AG papers and stuff, so I'm copying them all into this journal.



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