Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am so happy! To make up for being locked in the closet, my human is letting me pick out 2 outfits, 1 for me and one for my sister Katarzyna Dzylaski(she is a #25 with gray eyes and shorter hair. Her name sounds "funny" because she is Polish. We just call her Katie for short.)

Here is what we picked.

Me:Sapphire Party Dress(store exclusive, now online, and price reduced!)

Katarzyna:Silver Belle outfit (price reduced, and only availalbe online and in stores while supplies last!)

Plus, we're using the Chrissa code, which gets $10 off, so it is a really good deal! My next wishlist is the garden outfit, licorice play outfit, and my *future* sisters #11, but it is too soon to be telling the human about her...

ANYWAYS, the human has all the supplies for the journal, except, the JOURNAL! LOL :P! She has all the paper and everything, but apparently we don't have an unused notebook lying around the house. So scratch that done by yesterday thing in my last post.

And just a heads up:
I might not be on for a while because the human has a science project due in one week, and its a big one. And little dollies cannot get on the big peoples computers that easily, or can they...



  1. LOL I bet you and Kat will look cute in your new duds. P.S. Work is bogging me down too. I can't wait till summer.


  2. Ooh, new outfits are always fun!


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