Saturday, March 19, 2011

Remember when...?

Remember when....?

  • This blog was actually updated more than once a month, without all of my repetitive "sorry for being absent!" posts?
  • Things were written by Avery, and not me?
  • It was the dolls' lives posted about, and not me dumping my life story on you guys?
  • There were actually pictures of American Girls, and photo stories, and little diary-like entries?
  • It was about having fun and not popularity?
I miss those days, I honestly do. When I used to make up stories with the girls, take pictures just for enjoyment. When I didn't worry about how many comments or followers or what other people were doing. There's been a lot of "Bringing Back 2009" talk, and that sounds like an excellent idea. I think I'm going to try jumping on the bandwagon here.


  1. I remember those days... but I think we should only really expect a post every so often anyways, because we're all so busy. Now that I've read this, I might write a post about my dolls on my blog.

  2. Sometimes I get so lazy to blog and feel like its a "job" instead of a "hobby".
    Nice to meet your blog!

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