Friday, April 3, 2009

Detention Update!

I just realized that I posted on April Fools day! Well, that was NOT a joke. Unless you call a snobbish teacher yelling at your for 6 hours a joke!

Detention was horrible! It was SO boring. This teacher kept lecturing me about everything I did wrong, then I had to write 200 sentences of "I will turn my assignments in on time." *sigh* My hand hurts now! I'm glad it is over with, but 2 hours after school every day was a lot to get through! And I swear the next time I see Mr. Carmello I will punch him in the face! I'm not usually this violent, see what detention has turned me into?!?! :P
But on the bright side:

I am officially on spring break vacation!

YES! I am sooooooooooooo happy! I get to sleep in, stay up late, mess around, be with friends, no homework, it can't get much better than that! A lot of people are going on vacation to like, California or Florida, but I'm staying at school. I wish I could go back to France, but oh well...

I will post maybe a little more often now that I am on break. I will have a lot more time to be on the computer. :)



  1. Cool!!! Today is my last day of Spring break! :( :(
    Hey! If you go to my blog you can chat with others on the COMMENT BOX!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mia from

  2. I'm on break now too! Yay! And thank goodness no more detention. =)


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