Monday, April 27, 2009

Post from Avery's Owner *WOOT WOOT!*

Hi, Avery's owner here. I really need a name, don't I? I'm getting tired of referring to myself as "Avery's Owner" or "The Human", etc. , so right here, right now, I'm establishing a name for myself.
That is now my name... it may be my real name, it may not. I've got to keep you guessing, don't I? :P

Ok, anyways, back on topic! Today I had a track meet!!!! I was so nervous. I did REALLY good though. I came in first for the 300 M Hurdles and the 400 M Dash! I am so happy! I also did the mile and came in 1st! I was really proud of myself for the 300 M Hurdles, since I can never do hurdles too well, and the other people were really fast. I didn't think I would win the mile, but I out the heat on in the last 1/2 mile and won! I was so tired afterwards, but I'm so happy! I did a lot better than I thought I would. I'm suprised I was put in 3 events, but I'm just glad I did well.


Well a quick post from me. I just had to let that out! I'm so happy! Sorry for all the exclamations points :P



  1. Congrats on your first places! That's really cool. I have a cousin who does track, but I don't think I could ever do it.

    Congratulations again!
    ~Sitara (Jess' owner)

  2. Good job on your track meets! I wish I had as good luck/skills/whatever in soccer, but the season's over now. Besides, we were playing teams a level above us anyhoo, so it's not like we didn't know what we were playing. The spring season is like Spring Training (at least according to my coach, who shares a name with a shark from Finding Nemo), because there aren't any tournaments. The Fall season is what really counts, according to Coach, because of the tournaments...
    Anyway, I thought your name was Max, but Brooke is fine too. My name really isn't Starr, but my friend and I used to play and that was my name.


  3. Starr...YOUR NAME ISN'T STARR? WOw I'm just os used to it...
    ps. Hi Avery lol

  4. Congrats "Brooke" or Brooke! LOL. I like that name. =)


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