Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

How did you celebrate Earth Day?

~I turned off all un-necassary things that run on electricity(everything but an alarm clock!)

~Took a 5 minute shower(LOL, I can go fast when I want to!) instead of my usual 10-15 minutes

~Towel dried my hair instead of using a blow dryer

~Recycled all the graded papers I got back, instead of throwing them away

~No computer or T.V.

~Turned off all the lights and used candles

~Played outside instead of inside

~Used scrap paper to take notes on instead of brand new notebook paper

~Walked to and from school (well... I always do that!)

~Planted a tree! (I seriously did. Each dorm room planted a tree in the front of the entrance)

~Gave a speech on 'Going Green' in school

~Wore green!

I was truly eco-friendly and did not go on the computer to post on Earth Day! :)

Talk to you later,


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