Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dix choses de moi!

I know a lot of people were doing the "10 things about me" (or 15 in some cases) and stuff like that. I think I'll try it now! I'm a little late, but oh well :P

1. My full name is Avery-Marie Victoria Voisin
2. My favorite colors are jaune (yellow) and pourpre (purple)
3. My favorite number is 12!
4. My favorite animal is a singe (monkey)
5. My favorite food is croissants, yum!
6. I'm from Paris, France
7. I got to Mondale Preparatory Academy for Girls, a private boarding school
8. I fence (the sport "with swords")
9. My dorm room is 9-3714U-X
10. My favorite subject is Math!



  1. Hey, Avery! Starr's favorite number is 12 and our dorm room is Dorm 12. (Coincidence? I think not.) Our numbers are less complex than yours, probably because our Headmistress needs something simple (Starr=Headmistress).
    I really like purple too!


  2. LOL!!!
    My favorite number is 12 also!
    P.S. I love your backround!

  3. Rose,
    Hehe! 12 is an awesome number! I'm surprised our dorm numbers are so weird. I think 9-3714U-X means we are the 9th dorm, the 3714 is like an ID, and U-X is our last names... Hmmm weird!

    Lol! 12 is popular!


  4. So is your middle name really Victoria? Or Victoire? Victoire's the French equivalent of Victoria, and I didn't know whether you'd go by the American/English form or the French.

  5. Sophie,
    Yes, it's the French Victoire, not the English Victoria. I like the sound of Victoria better though... Victoire reminds me of "victory" etc. LOL!

  6. I like 8! Not to be a spoil sport of anything! :)
    Mia froem

  7. Actually, I prefer Victoire myself, just don't like how it's spelt. LOL
    Fencing is interesting. Do you handle real swords or fake ones?


  8. 12 is my favorite number too! =) (I'm sure it's obvious why, lol.) I like monkeys too... they're cute! When I went to the zoo with Girl Scouts last year I wanted to stay. XD

  9. Croissants sound so good right now! ;) Hmm! *haha* Now you have me hungry. ^_^ Fencing must be so much fun!!! Maybe I can take fencing..."Mum!!" ;)


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