Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our order is here!

The AG order arrived! We have 3 new outfits, Nellie's PJs (this was a surprise!), Silver Belle Dress, and Sapphire Party outfit! They are all really pretty. I am modeling the Sapphire Party Outfit, Sonali is modeling the Silver Belle Dress, and Jess is modeling Nellie's Pajamas.


  1. Oooh!!! So pretty! Nellie got her PJs about a month ago, and we're so lucky we got them b4 they sold out! (IDK if they are still available yet). Aren't they so soft?!
    Sonali looks so....OH SHOOT!!!!! #$%*@$^@ (my cursing)!
    I just split juice all over the table, hold on! OMG i am so dead! I should have listened when Starr told me not to drink / eat 'round the computer.
    Anyway, Sonali looks so pretty in her dress, as do you! Very nice, very nice. I better go before I die......
    C ya round,


  2. Oooh, so pretty! The Sapphire outfit really looks good on you. I'm ticked that Vee didn't get me the sapphire party outfit, she says there's no money. Oh well... I'll just keep saving my pennies until I can get it myself. :D

  3. Congrats on a great order! I love how beautiful Sonali looks in the Silver Belle dress, and you look great in blue!

  4. You guys look great! The Sapphire Party dress is really nice. Actually, they all are. =)

  5. That outfit looks so cute on you! I'm not very girly, so I'd probably only where that to a concert or something, which I'm not ready for!

  6. CUTE! And I can't wait to see that notebook!


  7. Congrats! It all looks very cute! ^_^


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