Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! I am Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah, but lots of my sisters celebrate Christmas, we exchange present, and I go to their church with them too, so I guess you could say I celebrate Christmas. Well its almost New Years now! And do you know what New Years means? It means the arrival of GWEN, SONALI, AND CHRISSA!!!!!!!(you can see these doll's pictures at AGPT, all credit to the person who owns the pictures!) My human will be ordering them, and I can't wait to see their collections. My sister Ivy Ling celebrates Chinese New Year, so I am excited to see what it is like. I'm also pretty sad right now because at my house we had 2 feet of snow! It was so fun to play in and go sledding! But then it got up to 50 degrees(F) and it rained really hard and almost all day long. Then all the snow got all slushy and nasty. Then it was warm the next day and rained some more and now there is no snow left! I can see the grass all over. ='(

Left to Right:Gwen, Chrissa, and Sonali>>>
all credit to AGPT


  1. I have friends who celebrate Hanukkah, too. My grandpère said that I have Jewish ancestry as well, but I don't really make a big deal about it.

    The girl named Sonali looks like a girl that could be coming here, at least according to my teacher anyway. But I don't think her name is Sonali.

    Kudos on the snow; we don't get any here. Not anymore!

  2. Sophie,
    Hi! I've been to your blog before and its really cool! We look so much alike, and we're both French, and Jewish (kinda)! Isn't that weird.

    My grandparents make a BIG deal over Hanukkah though!

    Yes my owner likes Sonali a lot, but might change her name.

    I wish we had snow again, it all melted. ='(


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