Sunday, May 31, 2009


Rebecca has officially been released! In my opinion, I think she is very pretty, and I love all of her outfits and accessories! My favorite is the movie dress, especially the hat! Maybe, just maybe, Rebecca might come to Mondale. :)

So how does everyone like her? Do you plan on getting her or any of her things?



  1. Vee says Rebecca isn't coming here but I don't believe her. LOL Who knows what'll happen while I'm gone?


  2. Samantha would not be to happy if we got her...

  3. I am glad I am not the only person who likes the movie dress! I wrote about her on my blog! And I really want her. It will probably be a long time until I have enough money though :( I will probably get her books.

    The rabbit pin has much significance, apparently.

  4. *HUGE sigh* I WANT her AND I have enough money, but my parents won't let me get her.
    Hallie on my dolls account

  5. I'm arriving on Friday, and I think I'm pretty special since my Momma earned me for surviving school and not getting kicked out due to bullies at her now old school. My Momma also purchased my school outfit, my movie dress (which I love!), and my PJ's! The only thing she WILL NOT be purchasing in my collection is my bed. She said it costs WAYYY too much! Oh well, at least I have Sam's bed!

    Love Always,

    Sara Aurora

  6. Bre went to AGP to see Rebecca on her release day (without me! hmph!) but she didn't come home with her. She did, however bring me Rebecca's school outfit and I really love it!

    But Bre's friend did get her, and she is very pretty in person!


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