Sunday, May 10, 2009

Group picture and an update on my "condition"

A group picture of all the dolls here. Yeah, theres a lot!

It is so long I can't even post it on blogger or half of us would get chopped out of the picture! :P
I'm the 5th from the left.

My cheek and eye are better! Brooke tried a few things suggested on "the boards" (AGPT and AGFMB) and they worked! She used a hair dryer to heat up my vinyl and kind of pop the dent? or something along those lines. It is still there, but not as noticeable as before, and it is pretty small. My eye was harder to fix. She used some canned air, thinking something might have gotten stuck, and it worked a little bit. Then she used a suggestion from AGPT and kind of poked around inside my eye (ouch!) and got it re-aligned. I'm basically all better now! :) I'm surprised I was fixed that easily.



  1. Wow, there are a lot of dolls! I knew you had a lot, but I've never seen them all together in one picture!
    Sorry about your "incident" but it's good you're better now. :)


  2. I'm so glad you are better, Avery! If your eye remains a little off you could always get some glasses to help your vision...I do love my tortoiseshell ones. :-)

  3. WOW. That is ALOT of dolls! Are they your sisters?

  4. Oh so youuuu are the #25 that was thrown against the wall. I saw that on agplaythings. Well, I hope both Brooke and you are doing good now! You're such a cutie, Avery!

  5. Ps. Glad to hear your all better now! Treat yourself by looking at our newest post heehee. A gorgeous #25 (Like you!!) sitting on the roof... Gotta love taking pictures on the roof...:P

  6. I'm glad you're all better! Good thing you didn't have to visit the hospital to get fixed.

  7. Also, Abby and Chloe, if you happen to read this, I just went to your blog but I can't comment on it anymore. =/

  8. Oh, Sorry Wendy. We've fixed it now. Your free to comment.... :)


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