Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yesssss! ADD is on its way!

I have fully cast the whole movie (as I know so far)

Ellen "Ella" Xavier- Marisol Luna
Matilda "Mattie" Cook- Sonali Matthews
Casey Quaine (bully)- Julia Albright
Callie Owens (bully)- Erin Yeager
Ms. Bernadette (Teacher)- Olivia Parkington
Mrs. Xavier (Ella's Mom)- Gia Giovanni
Narrator- Nellie O' Malley
Director- Avery-Marie Voisin
Producer- "Brooke D."

This is subject to change, as I figure out more parts, etc. And there will be lots of minor, extra, roles just to fill in, that I don't have cast yet.

AND YES!!!!! Brooke figured out how to get audio with her camera, so we've hit the ground running, and are filming the first scene :) Brooke is also in the process of recording a musical intro. We don't have many songs on the computer, so she's thinking about doing it herself on piano.
I'm thinking the first scene will be done by tomorrow evening!

UPDATE: Scratch that. Brooke got one short, tester clip of audio, but now the rest won't work...



  1. Hi Avery!
    Sounds AWSOME! Well... except for the whole camera thing :( Hallie's camera doesn't record audio either :( We're gonna be making some sort of movie soon... don't know what yet though!

  2. Sound so cool! Marisol is really pretty!

  3. Wow, a movie! Sounds exciting. Good luck directing, Avery!

  4. Awesome! I'm sure it'll be great no matter whether you are able to do audio or not.


  5. Good job, people! I can't wait to see it! :D

    Also, do you know what specifically happened with the audio? Is it that your camera doesn't take long clips? [mine does that--I was recording my bio class and it randomly stopped recording]. I might be able to give you some help on that.

    By the way, I'm really glad that you are doing this. It looks awesome so far and I feel proud to have inspired it! :)



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