Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here kitty, kitty, kitty, and update on 'the fight', and Stop the Bullying day!

*see bottom of post*
It's official. I WANT A CAT! I've found the perfect little guy, his name is Rascal. I love him to pieces! He is adorable, isn't he? Technically he isn't mine, yet. I hope Brooke will let me get him... I know I'd take good care of him! I need a partner in crime-*cough cough* I mean a loving feline companion. :P
I want Rascal so bad. Brooke says the "He is Marisol's cat, not yours," but I don't believe her. This is my kitty-to-be, trust me on this! Gosh... just because Marisol is new, and a fancy, retired GOTY doll, doesn't mean that she is the automatic owner of my cat.

Anyways, an update on the fight between Ivy and I.
Sadly, we're still not talking. I haven't seen or heard from her since Friday. To tell you the truth, I've kind of been avoiding her. I've tried not to go anywhere I think she would be. But I can't avoid her forever... I think I'm going to apologize tomorrow at school. I hope she isn't too mad at me, this was such a stupid fight! For some reason I think I'm saying "I" a lot in the last few sentences.

I've read a few posts on other blogs about "Stop The Bullying" day. Bullying isn't a huge problem at Mondale. I think the worst it has gotten is a clique with a few "popular" girls making fun of Historical doll's clothes. I've never had a personal experience with bullying, except once a long time ago someone made fun of my slight French accent. I know bullying is a huge problem at some schools though. I'm glad nothing like that has happened at my school, at least I don't think there has been any bullying problems.

Well, it is late (9:21 already?!?!) and I have school tomorrow, so I must sign off the computer.

But before I go, I would like to fully, publically congratulate Rose from htpp:// on 100 (well 99) posts! :) You're a blogging machine!

and her *future* cat, яαѕ¢αℓ

*credit to debbay77, the ebay seller of this pretty kitty!*


  1. Aww, I hope you can get your cat! He's really cute. Sorry about the fight with Ivy. I bet she feels really bad about it too, though, and if you apologize to her she might apologize to you too. At least I hope she will. :-) Good luck!

  2. Cats are evil! At least Starr's are. I'm more a dog person, I have one named Coconut, but that cat is cute. I hope you can convince Brooke to get her for you. Everyone needs a partner in crime, I mean pet *wink wink*.
    I hope Ivy and you make up, it will take time, but if you are truly friends you'll forgive each other.
    Thanks for the congrats! I just hit 100. :) I am a blogging machine. I type, I hit "post", and I do it all over again. LOL! Anyway, I used to blog A LOT and I guess I still do...:)


  3. I hope you get your kitty! He's cute! I wish I could have a dog or cat. But my parents say no. I do have a bunny though! I love him to bits. And good luck with Ivy... I hope you guys make up very soon. It's no fun fighting with friends.


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