Friday, May 8, 2009

A bunch of random topics

I'm so bored! Grrrrr! There is nothing to do. What do you guys do when you're bored? At least it's Friday, and I have a few days off before school starts again.

By the way, I found a full body photo of the REAL Rebecca doll. I'm not aloud to post it for legal reasons though, I don't want AG to sue me! So please don't ask me to post it! The 1st photo was a public email that AG sent out, this picture is leaked, and I have a feeling AG doesn't want it floating around the internet. Better safe than sorry, as people always say.

I am surprised at Brooke! She has all these plans to get Marisol(ANOTHER one!), #11, Chrissa, Rebecca and Gwen. Plus a bunch more dolls, but those are the top 5. I can't believe she wants more dolls! We already have a Marisol, but she was cheap and not in good condition, and didn't come with her outfit. Brooke tried to "downy dunk" her, and re-curl her hair, but it didn't work. She just straightened her hair after that. The Marisol auction she's watching has my kitty in it though, so in a way, I hope she wins. It has just an hour or two til it ends. It is getting pretty expensive though :'(

Update: The Marisol auction is over, and we lost :'( Rascal is gone, going to another home.

Sorry for the short, random post...



  1. Avery,
    Sorry about the auction, I saw it on Ebay and It was REALLY sweet. (Not that I'm the one who got it :)
    I admire that you are not showing the picture, I mean sure, I'm DYING to see it, but you are right.

  2. If Brooke wants a Marisol with "good" hair, why not send the one she has already in to the AG hospital? Sure, that costs money--but that's cheaper than buying another on eBay.

    Laura, la prof de Sophie

  3. We have the Rebecca pic(s), too! Isn't she gorgeous? Not the best quality pictures but It looks like she's coming here to us!


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