Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ADD poster and info

Brooke edited a photo from the trailerA Dancer's Decision (Now known as ADD), to make a movie poster! :) *Sitara's idea from MLWB* Brooke's really getting into all this editing software stuff. I think it turned out really good. I think it might have a little too much text though, for such a small picture. What would you rate it, on a 1-5 (1 the worst, 5 the best)? If you look on the bottom is says "Starring....Directed by A. Voisin" That's me! I'm on a poster, I feel so special!
The first "episode" of ADD won't be out for a while. It is tremendously hard to make a stop animation (it takes SOOOO many pictures for just a few seconds of film) and Brooke and I are still working on the audio. She's not quite sure if she should record the lines something or just type it out in captions. What do you think? We may just have to type it if you can't figure out how to record separate audio though. Well, before all the audio stuff, I think it would be good to start with a script! :P I think we're getting a little too far ahead. I'm in the process of writing some of the script, here's a section from the first planned episode. *It starts out like the little preview I posted yesterday*

Setting: small classroom

Narrator *from off stage*: Ella Xavier, preforming a solo le pointe!" calls out the announcer. Ella flounces her red velvet tutu once more, then heads onto the stage. The crowd cheers, and she can't help but smiling. The music starts, and envelopes her into a deep concentration. Ella-

Teacher, Ms. Bernadette: Ella, the capitol of Vermont please?

Ella: Oh, me? Ummmm, uhhhh...

Ms. Bernadette: Ms. Xavier, I don't have time for your nonsense day dreaming right now. We have a lot of work to get done!

Ella: Yes, Ms. Bernadette. And by the way, it's Montpelier!
*Bell Rings*

Ms. Bernadette: Ella, can I see you please?

Ella: Sure!
*walks over to the teacher*

Ms. Bernadette: I've noticed that you've been slacking off a lately, and not paying attention in class. Any particular reason?

Ella: No ma'am.

Narrator *from off stage*: But there was. Ella's passion was for dance, but no one believes in her, and everything stands in her way. She can't help but thinking about dance 24/7! She wants to glide across the stage, but her mother doesn't want her to, and if any of the popular girls heard, she'd be their next target.
What will Ella do?

So what'd you think? I'm not the best writer, but, if I say so myself, it sounds pretty good for amateur. Brooke will have to read it later, she's the theatre geek. I hope she likes it!

It is so much work making ADD! You have to write the script, cast the characters, take the photos, edit, etc. Before the first episode, I'm thinking that we should make a 'Behind the Scenes' video, which shows the auditions, some "bloopers", etc. In a way I wish I was actually in the film, but I don't have a very good memory for reciting lines and I'm a klutz and tend to look awkward on stage!



  1. It does take a lot of work to make a movie! I love your poster, it is so great!
    I think to make it a little less full of text, like you said, you could get rid of the "follow your dreams", even though that is cute. I love love love the picture and the colors, it looks so professional!
    At first I thought the name of it was A Dancer's Dream. Silly me. :P
    I think that, if you can, you should record the audio, because I personally find it sort of annoying to read all the stuff. In my opinion, it sort of detracts for the movie feel, if you know what I mean. That is only me, though. You do what you think best. :)


  2. Movies are a lot of work. That's why Bre never made any, lol. The poster is really pretty! It is a little hard to read some of the text, but I still like it. And if you do make a behind the scenes video, you could be in that! Directors are always in those things. =)

  3. The poster is so cool! Maybe you could use a little more texting. I could only read the main decision. Over all I'd rate it 4 stars.


  4. I think you're doing a splendid job Avery!!!! Bella thinks so, too! I'd rate the poster with 5 stars! Great Job, but it could use a little more clarity in the text. I couldn't read the fine print at the bottom of the poster. That may be because I need glasses. Hint hint: I HAVE to get glasses very soon! Bella thinks you're doing great! She can sorta read the fine print at the bottom, but can't really see what the words are saying clearly. She gives it a 5 star rating

    Keep up the good work! Could you also check out Bella's and my blogs?




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