Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion, photos, and fights...

Hi everybody, Avery here! (my blog namesake!) So how is everyone? I'm pretty good, I'm super excited, but sad (you'll read why in a minute). It's the weekend, woo hoo! I don't have any homework, I am so happy! Today our full 7th grade class went to a wind turbine 'farm'. It is where the set up huge wind mill things to generate electricity. It was pretty fun. We were touring the area, and I went on the 'grass'. I got yelled at, turns out that soft, long, green grass was really a wheat field! Oops, sorry baby wheat! I had a good time, but it was 4 hours on the bus. (4 hours there and back)

Which brings me to my next topic... IVY. I sat with her on the bus, since she is my closest friend right now. We were working on some math homework together. It was a pretty tough question (multiplying binomials, finding slant height, area, and volume of a cone, and then solving for x) and we both got totally different answers. We kept trying to explain what we did and proove we were right. It got out of hand, and finally we went and asked our teacher. He got the same answer Ivy did, and I was wrong. I was so sorry, since I had fought with Ivy and thought I was right, and told her that she was wrong over and over again. We sat back down and I was just about to apologize when Ivy said, "You know what, Avery? You can be SO STUPID sometimes!!! That had to be the easiest problem ever, and you got it wrong. How hard is it, I mean DUH!". Then I got even more mad at her, and yelled back "Ivy, you're such a jerk!" and I hit her with my math book (yeah...about that....) She got pretty ticked and went and sat with Julie Albright, one of her other best friends. It was such a petty fight, and now Ivy and I aren't talking! :(

I hope we can make up soon.

Brooke has her camera now, yipee!(it was broken for a few days). After AG photo deprivation, Brooke had a photo shoot today with me! I got to wear a new outfit, Sonali's tank top, flats, and the leggings from the Star Hoody outfit. Plus a really pretty blue clip (you can't see it in the photos. It's from Mexico, Brooke's had it forever, but just found it in her mass of junk). Brooke also played around with the 'foto flexer' program at She put one picture in the 'poster format'. I think it turned out really good!

sorry for the devil-ish gleam in one eye... :P

Talk to you later,


  1. Hey, Avery. Sorry about your fight with Ivy; I know what it's like. Sometimes I won't think and I'll say something insensitive and Nellie will get all upset (she's very sensitive) or Luna will act all know-it-all-ish and make me want to punch her or Sonali will borrow my shirt without asking or...or...or...Yeah, that sort of thing happens a lot. But she'll come around sooner or later, don't hesitate to be the first one to apologize, even if you think she's the one who needs to (which usually the other person IS, but whatever).
    Anyway, it's the weekend, so don't dwell on sad topics! You look pretty in your pictures; I think that hairstyle works wonders on everyone....even me :)


  2. To bad about Ivy.
    Love your pix!

  3. Hi Avery!
    Sorry about your fight! LOVE the pics though...Who's your OTHER friends right now?

  4. Aww, I'm sorry about your fight with Ivy. I hope you guys make up soon too. Most fights are over petty things. Most of mine are anyways.

    But I do like your pictures! Try to enjoy your weekend. =)


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