Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I need glasses!

I need glasses now! Something happened to my eye, and its not quite right yet, so Brooke has decided to get me some glasses. I might not get them for a while though. I don't think I really need them that much, its just that my eye isn't like it used to be, and I think it bugs Brooke. Maybe she thinks that by getting me glasses it won't be as noticealbe? I don't know...
Anyways, I'm trying to decide which pair to get! I love my friends Haley and Anna Lee's glasses, but I don't think I will look very good in them! :P I'm deciding between the toirtoise shell/rectangle glasses and the blue glasses.

And shhhhh, I'm going to let you in on a secret! Brooke says that a new friend might be coming soon... I wonder...

Sorry for the short posts! Brooke has a lot of things going on right now (school, sports, etc.).



  1. *GASP!* a new doll! Oh I wonder...... DO you think that Brooke still has her eye on another Marisol doll??? I don't blame her if she does. Marisol's very pretty!

  2. Glasses are cool! I have the tortoise shell ones too and they are really cute! I think the blue ones would look really good on you too, but it's hard to tell until you can actually see it.
    I wonder what new doll Brooke is talking about....?

    ~Rose =]

  3. I think you should get the blue ones, I (Sandy) have them and I LOOOVE them but eithr was I can't wait to see what you look like!
    XOXO Sandy Jessica American

  4. Yea! I'm sure you will look great in glasses, Avery! I have my bubble eye problem that makes my pupil cloudy, but you can't even see it when I have my glasses on. They really do work well to camouflage little eye issues. Plus they add a lot of style and personality (though I may be biased...I just love wearing glasses). :-) Good luck choosing your first pair!

  5. I like the blue ones! (GASP, GASP) anothor doll?

  6. Glasses aren't so bad, Avery! After all, I wear them :p At least they could tide you over till you have your eye surgery. Who knows, you might actually look cute in 'em!


  7. I think glasses would look good on you! Bre wears glasses, and she saws that when a 25 comes to live with us, she'll have reading glasses.

  8. oooooooh, glasses! They are really pretty as accessories. Do you think you are more near or far sighted? Have fun!


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