Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Glasses, Kaya, school, lost and found

Today my glasses came! :) I think they look pretty good. I'm still getting used to them, but I like it that I can see well again. Sorry the picture is so small, Brooke had to crop a few things out of it.

Well, I've been trying to keep it a secret, but it's so hard! Brooke ordered a #12 (came about a week ago), a #11, and a custom doll gray eyed #25. Brooke actually has a job and is old enough to do whatever she cares for with her money. She's not spoiled and gets dolls whenever she wants to.
Today "JLY #11" was SUPPOSED to arrive. We got the box, opened it up, and got Kaya instead!
She is very pretty, and such a sweet girl. She and I talked a bit. I feel so bad for her. She told me when she heard that Brooke didn't want her, she was on the verge of tears. Her exact words were, "It's not my fault some stupid employee screwed up. I thought I was coming home at last, to someone who loved me." Gosh, that made me feel horrible!
AG is supposed to be sending out a #11 in "7-10 business days" and then we have to send Kaya back. I really hope Brooke just keeps #11 and Kaya, although I highly, highly doubt that.
While Brooke was gone, I helped her Kaya get out of her box! She played school with us.
Speaking of school, graduation is coming up, only 8 more days! :) I can't wait for summer. I'm nervous, because at graduation the principal gives out awards to some students. I hope I win something!
Brooke lost the necklace to the Ruby Ballet outfit and is really bummed out! I hope we're able to find it, the outfit doesn't look nearly as good without the necklace. If it doesn't turn up in a few days, Brooke is going to start looking for one to buy. If anyone has a spare necklace or one they'd be willing to sell, please tell me!!! It is a red velvet ribbon with a pendant with gems in it.


  1. Hi, Avery! You look great with your new glasses! They look a lot like mine! ;)
    Kaya is really pretty, but I'm sorry about the mix-up. Poor Kaya!
    I can't wait to see all these new dolls; you really need to keep us updated with all these doll, I'm loosing track! :)
    I want to see all these new dolls, the #11, #12, and the custom one. What are their names??


  2. I agree with Rose-we need pictures!

    You look wonderful with glasses. My friend Emily has blue glasses, and Lissie has purple ones. But those ones look amazing on you!

    Poor Kaya. But I'm sure there are people out there who will love her just as much as you, Avery!

    Sorry- I don't even have that outfit! If you are crafty, maybe you could try and replicate it?

  3. sorry about the mix up! Hey, at least you get to have Kaya for a few days! You mikght never see a Kaya doll again :D I LOVE your glasses! You look ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I LOVE your glasses, Avery! Definitely the best choice, I think! I feel sorry for Kaya because she has to get sent back, but I'm sure she'll find her way to a good home. So don't feel too bad!

  5. That's a gorgeous Kaya. At least she got to come out of her box and talk with you! And we love your glasses!


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