Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fireworks, Photoshoot, and Tallships (long post w/ pictures)

I've been having an amazing time the past few days! There are recreations of the Niña and the Pinta tall ships docked in a town near where I live, so we got to go see them! The Niña and The Pinta are two of three ships (the third was the Santa María ) Christopher Columbus used on his first ocean voyage to the Indies in 1492. What I found interesting was that the Niña was Columbus's favorite ship of the three, even though the Pinta was by far the fastest. The Niña was actually captured by pirates! She was captured by a pirate corsair when leaving the port of Cagliari and brought to Cape Paula, Sardinia. The Niña logged at least 25,000 nautical miles (46,000 km) under Columbus' command. The Pinta was the fasted of the 3 ships, like I already said. It means the painted one, or the spotted one in Spanish. The New World was first sighted by Rodrigo de Triana on the Pinta on October 12, 1492. So there's your history lesson for the day (: It was a lot of fun to get to see them up close. They really weren't all that large, and I can't believe that they sailed across the ocean. It amazes me that even hundreds of years ago, the people were amazing engineers. The made 70 tons of wood float on water, across the Atlantic! They didn't have computers or anything of those sorts. That is amazing!

They were giving tours of the boats, but we didn't go on, we just took a few pictures. I wish all the sails would have been down, that would have looked amazing! Last year there was something similar to this, and they two ships had a mock battle. That didn't happen this year, but it was still great to see them.

Before we went to the fireworks, I got to do a photo shoot outside! It was just as the sun was setting, and Brooke got a lot of good pictures of me, and some other things too (hehe). She edited two of them to use for the blog. It's a picture of my eyes and my feet photo shopped together and it says "Take a walk in my shoes, view the world from my eyes, Avery-Here." Very dramatic with the black and white selection, and the text is a little small, but oh well.

Then, we were able to go see fireworks! There were so many people there, it was insane! The fireworks incredibly hard to get pictures of. We tried, got a few good ones! 2 of them really look neat! That's not the way the fireworks looked in real life, but the camera took the pictures that way, and it looks pretty cool! I love my pyrotechnics. My favorite kinds are the gold ones that sparkle and curve down like vines, kind of.

Sorry for such a long post, I just had to share everything!


  1. Ooh, fireworks! They are so pretty, but so hard to take good pictures of! We've only been able to take a few good ones.

    Pretty pictures of you, BTW.


  2. The fireworks sound neat! And you look great in the pics! Also, I like the way the ships look! I wish I could see in person.

  3. Hi Avery!
    I really like your pictures! You're blog is great and I love reading it! Those fire work pictures turned out great! I like the gold one! You don't ahve to apologize for the long post...I loved reading it!

  4. ooh wow I want to ride
    on a boat like that.


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