Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time Traveling

There's quite a few historical dolls that live at our house. Take Kit for instance. She's from 1934! If she was the appropriate age for 2009, she would be 84 years old (assuming she's 9 in 1934). So, all the historical dolls time travel to 2009. Most of the historicals here wear regular, modern clothes. Most of them have adjusted to modern life quite well, except for Nellie. She seems to be the one that longs for 1904. She can't go back, because her whole life is here. And she certainly couldn't go back all alone. Samantha and Olivia (the other 1904 era dolls) really like 2009 and being modern, and won't go back. Nellie and I passed each other today in the halls, and Nellie stopped me and asked if I'd seen Samantha. She seemed kind of, I don't know, frazzled? I asked her what was wrong and she just comes out and asks me if I want to go time traveling with her! Of course I said yes! She lent me a Victorian style dress and we were off. It was so much fun to go back to the early 1900's! Everything was completely different. It was very interesting actually doing the time traveling. Nellie mumbled a few things, then we just kind of walked through this huge, silent, empty white space, then she mumbled again, and we were on the streets of Mt. Bedford, New York in 1904! We walked the streets and saw all kinds of things. One of my favorite parts was going into a fancy fabric store. We walked in and there were just aisles and aisles of the prettiest things for seamstresses. Bright pink silk, sea green velvet ribbons, ivory buttons, it was amazing! I'm really interested in the fashion styles of that time, after wearing the pretty blue dress Nellie lent me. Nellie took us to a bakery where we got fresh gingerbread cookies, her favorite, yum! I think I would really like living in 1904. I had a wonderful time with her. The funny thing is, Nellie and I haven't really known each other at all! Sure, I knew who she was, but I really didn't know anything about her, and hadn't talked to her at all. She was in one of my classes, but that's it. It felt good to be with her, since Ivy left for San Francisco Sunday night. I hope we can be friends. Maybe we could go back again sometime.



  1. WOW! That sounds AWSOME! The only Historical (That's what we call them) here is Sammy and I don't even think she remembers she's historical!:D

  2. That dress looks great on you, Avery! We have historicals that live here too, but they aren't allowed to time travel. Us modern dolls don't get to spend TOO much time with them, but they're pretty cool when we do. I have it on good authority that Taylor can time travel though...

  3. That sounds so fun! Me and Samantha time travel about once a month.



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